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16 August 2018

Increasingly, wearable electronic devices (or “wearables”) are being used as specialized EHS tools for collecting and disseminating data to enhance workplace safety. Employees can wear trackers, sensors, communication devices and heads-up displays that monitor bodily worker location and health, deliver real-time warnings, and enable information exchange with co-workers. This webinar will help convey the specific EHS needs that wearables can help address, various wearables available today, and factors influencing whether these technologies can be successful. The webinar will be derived from our recent research and hosted by Verdantix Research Director Steve Bolton.

30 AUGUST 2018

Real estate, energy and facility optimization software solutions are being evaluated for purchase by 43% of the real estate executives in the Verdantix global survey. Yet, 56% of those executives rate a lack of information about real estate technologies as either a very important or important barrier to getting value from real estate, energy and facility optimization technologies. How can real estate executives source the information they need to make informed decisions regarding which real estate, energy and facility optimization solution is most appropriate for their building portfolio?

This webinar will draw on the latest Verdantix research and insights gathered through briefings with senior executives to outline the key questions buyers of commercial software solutions such as integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), building energy management systems and facility optimization platforms need to address to select the most appropriate solution. Questions that will be addressed include which vendors are taking advantage of the latest technologies to improve solution performance and ease of use and which software solutions are best suited to scale with and organization’s short-term and long-term objectives?

Heads of real estate, facility managers, real estate asset managers and technology vendors should attend this webinar to understand the key questions they should be asking when thinking about buying a real estate, energy or facility optimization solution.

13 September 2018

Historically, software vendors have designed their platforms for use exclusively by building operators and facility managers. But the recent growth of smartphone use and the proliferation of equipment connected to the Internet of Things have created new opportunities to engage everyday users of buildings.

The market for occupant-facing mobile apps is still in its infancy with multiple firms, from global technology firms to specialist providers, launching new products. While they all a focus on driving engagement, improving productivity and improving tenant’s experiences the solutions on the market are still very different. This webinar will draw on the latest Verdantix research and insights gathered through briefings with senior executives to evaluate the value proposition of the latest building mobile app product innovations covering solutions from vendors such as ARCHIBUS, Comfy, FM:Systems, Honeywell, iOFFICE, Mapiq, Planon, Schneider Electric, SmartSpace Software, Sony, Tishman Speyer and Trimble. It will provide insight into key questions such as: Are these solutions a valuable investment and not just ‘nice to have’ for building operators? Can mobile apps drive value without leveraging the Internet of Things? How can landlords drive greater value for their tenants supporting yields? What obstacles do vendors need to overcome to ensure their product has traction in the busy world of real estate software?

Heads of real estate, facility managers, building operators, real estate asset managers, and technology vendors should attend this webinar to understand how to plan for the future to get value from occupant-facing mobile apps.

20 September 2018

This webinar provides insights into the 2019 investment plans, technology strategies and management priorities of 221 operations decision-makers interviewed by Verdantix. Interviewees in the survey work at industrial firms across the chemicals, oil and gas, construction, transport, manufacturing, mining and power utilities sectors. Attendees will hear about the alignment of managers of industrial assets with industry 4.0 digital strategies, how they fund spending on operational risk, how they evaluate operational risk software vendors and their products. This Verdantix webinar is designed to provide vendors of technology as well as operations, plant and production managers with the data they need to optimize their 2019 strategies.

27 September 2017

Based on the recent Verdantix report on best practices for EHS analytics, this webinar will provide EHS decision-makers with advice on how to improve their EHS analytics strategies and systems. You will learn how digital data collection creates the potential to transform analytics, but this potential can only be harnessed by EHS teams who are willing to change their ways of working. The webinar content includes a step-by-step guide to establish your EHS analytics project from problem prioritization to data quality assessment and application of analytic techniques and technologies. Attendees will hear about success stories and you will be able to benchmark your current level of sophistication relative to the insights Verdantix gathered from 25 interviews with EHS analytics experts.