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13 December 2017

This Verdantix webinar provides technology executives in the Real Estate, Energy and Facilities Optimization markets with Verdantix’s analysis of the hot trends that will influence product releases and purchases in 2018. With major technology trends around the digitization of buildings and the IoT, combining with hot real estate trends such as empowering building users, wellbeing, facilities optimization and the need for better space utilization, this is a fertile market for innovation.

This webinar will benefit curious minded technology executives, building owners and occupiers who want to challenge their views of what 2018 will bring. Attendees will learn about everything from product development plans to business assumptions and purchase decisions.

The webinar will cover predictions around software technologies such as integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), enterprise asset management (EAM), computerized maintenance and management systems (CMMS), space management solutions, computer-assisted facilities management (CAFM), energy management software (EMS), Facilities Optimization, Building Management Systems and Smart Building Platforms. The webinar will also cover the impact of cheaper sensors and gateways on hardware and IoT applications.

14 December 2017

The EHS software market has absorbed $1 billion of private equity investment and corporate acquisition dollars in the last two years. How will this play out in market growth rates in the next five years? And what are the implications for consolidation and competition between the myriad vendors in the global market? Drawing on the recent Verdantix market size and forecast model for the EHS software market as well as diverse studies of vendor strategies and global customer spending, this webinar will equip executives at software vendors and consulting firms with a data-driven scenario for future market evolution. By attending this webinar, buyers of EHS software can get a better understanding of how their current suppliers may be impacted by powerful market forces.

18 January 2018

The EHS community has been bombarded with innovative technologies over the last two years. Whether it is big data analytics, augmented reality visors or drones for environmental mapping, it’s tough to figure out which innovations should be prioritized for 2018 investment. At the same time, EHS services firms are finding themselves under pressure to digitize their internal and client facing processes. This Verdantix webinar provides an overview of the most important EHS technologies, the size and growth of the markets and how EHS budgets will be allocated to them in 2018. We will describe the main technology strategy themes for the year and predict which types of project will get the most attention.