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Cost savings opportunities, regional and national building energy efficiency policies, and globally increasing energy prices are driving demand and growth in the building energy management software market. This report helps building energy management software suppliers and partners project revenue streams and plan sales and marketing strategies by sizing and forecasting the market for their software products. Verdantix forecasts the building energy management software market in eight countries—Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, the UK and the US—will grow from $253 million in 2013 to $514 million in 2019.


New opportunities are opening up at the frontier of Greenland’s receding ice sheet for firms to provide environmental, construction and engineering services to mining developments. The ice sheet’s melting in recent years has made deposits of rare earth minerals, gold, iron ore, rubies and uranium accessible for the first time. This report helps Heads of Practice understand the opportunities to provide consulting services to the developing Greenland mining sector and the key challenges to operating in the area.


To understand how firms exposed to natural capital risk are integrating natural capital into their sustainability strategy, Verdantix selected FEMSA, a $1.7 billion global food and beverage firm, for a case study. We interviewed senior members of FEMSA’s sustainability team and analysed data from corporate sustainability reports. Verdantix analysis finds that FEMSA has used water to organize its approach to natural capital. This strategy has evolved as a response to supply chain pressures and as a way for FEMSA to expand its sustainability strategy beyond initial easy successes.