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Wipro EcoEnergy Taps Big Data For The Retail Sector

Carbon Strategy Benchmark: Retail Sector

Sustainable Apparel Coalition Targets Supply Chain Transparency

This is one in a series of Verdantix reports that analyses software and energy services designed for a specific energy domain, such as data centres, retail stores or commercial offices. To hear more about Wipro EcoEnergy’s proposition for retail stores, Verdantix attended a product demonstration and interviewed members of the Wipro EcoEnergy team.

This report provides sustainability leaders with an independent analysis of carbon data disclosures, reduction targets and energy strategies for 14 of the world’s largest firms. Verdantix selected this subject for a detailed study to help industry players conduct peer group comparisons, understand sector trends and steer future target setting plans.

This report helps sustainability directors, and their colleagues in product design and procurement, understand the benefits of the partnership between Schneider Electric and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). The SAC sustainability assessment tools (Higg Index) aim to enhance transparency and reduce impact in the apparel and footwear industry by providing internal educational modules that complement traditional life cycle assessment (LCA) and supply chain analysis.