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With the US electric power sector undergoing a period of significant change, IT systems have a critical role to play in the utilities’ response to manage new generation assets, extend asset life times, optimize grid management, drive automation across the organization and engage customers. Verdantix forecasts that US electric power utility spending on IT services for the management of energy generation assets, grid operations and customer services will grow from $952 million in 2015 to $1,051 million in 2020. During the forecast period there will shifting of budgets as smart meter deployments wind down, there is greater integration of IT and operational technologies and the impact of decentralized generation takes off. This market forecast report helps IT services firms, partners and buyers to forecast revenue streams, define sales and marketing strategies, and budget accordingly.

In April 2015 EH&S software provider Enviance announced its acquisition of Remedy Interactive, the California-based provider of safety and ergonomics solutions. This report helps both buyers of EH&S software solutions and EH&S software vendors understand the implications the acquisition has for the market. To learn more about the deal and their follow on plans, Verdantix spoke with Enviance CEO David Muse and Remedy Interactive CEO Kim Weiss. Verdantix finds the acquisition will supplement Enviance’s strong platform for environmental management with Remedy Interactive’s safety and ergonomics management expertise and move towards a solution that comprehensively covers EH&S impact areas.



The sustainability assurance market remains a multifaceted environment with widely varying scopes ranging from supply chain verification, internal controls and process assurance to sustainability report assurance. Despite the lack of regulations, audit and verification providers will find that repeat purchases are high due to the constant scrutiny of corporate and product sustainability claims, changing audiences for sustainability reporting, and evolving reporting frameworks and country-specific regulations. Verdantix forecasts the global sustainability assurance market will grow from $133 million in 2015 to $160 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 4%.