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25 OCTOBER 2018

Verdantix recommends that EHS consulting firms should not only adopt digital tools but also embrace digitization with a firm-wide strategic approach. This webinar will apply data from multiple recent Verdantix research: questionnaire responses of 145 executives at EHS consultancies, 382 EHS decision-makers, and 10 in-depth discussions with digital leaders within EHS consultancies. In this webinar, we will suggest which efforts will help EHS service providers harness this digital transformational change, and explore technology enhancers of EHS services such as mobile apps, business intelligence (BI) tools, sensors within the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and drones.


This webinar provides insights into the 2019 investment plans, technology strategies and management priorities of 300 real estate decision-makers interviewed by Verdantix. Interviewees are from across 16 different countries and regions and 18 different sectors. Webinar attendees will hear about the alignment of real estate decision makers with major real estate and facility management trends, how they fund spending on smart building technologies and how they evaluate smart building software vendors and their products. This webinar is designed to provide vendors of technology solutions, as well as real estate decision-makers with the data they need to optimize their 2019 strategies.

15 NOVEMBER 2018

This webinar provides corporate EHS decision-makers and executives at EHS consulting and technology firms with an overview of the EHS market appetite for budgets, priorities and technology preferences for 2019. The Verdantix Global EHS Leaders Survey is the most detailed survey of its kind focused on EHS decision-makers across 35 countries and 25 industries globally. This year marks the fourth iteration of the study and has concluded with 411 respondent interviews each representing firms ranging from $250 million to over $20 billion in annual revenue. The survey data also supports the strategic decision-making of executives at EHS consulting and technology providers, and informs our on-going research into adoption, growth and market size and forecasting studies.

29 NOVEMBER 2018

In 2018, 25% of real estate and facilities decision-makers around the world are evaluating the purchase of an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), according to the Verdantix survey of 302 executives. However, 73% of real estate decision-makers do not have sufficient budget themselves to fund the technology investments they need. This webinar presents a framework Verdantix has developed to help corporate real estate managers pitch the business case for integrated real estate and facilities software across financial savings, process efficiency and employee productivity. The webinar will also explore the business benefits that can only be delivered via integrated real estate software. Attendees of this webinar will walk away with a thorough understanding of how to shape the business case for real estate and facilities software in a way that engages the C-Suite.