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1 MAY 2019

Verdantix is focused on the emerging market for EHS wearable devices. Progressing from our Smart Innovators report published in 2018, we have developed a research area focused on these innovative technologies and use cases. With the release of our Connected Worker Devices Market Size and Forecast 2019-2039 report, we are leading the effort to define the growth potential and future directions of this market. During this webinar, Senior Analyst Bill Pennington will review the findings of our research and provide vendors, corporate buyers and financial investors with market data to inform their business planning and strategy-setting. The webinar will convey the projected growth of the overall market as well as expected growth among EHS use cases, geographic regions and industry risk groupings.

9 MAY 2019

Verdantix completed its fifth detailed, fact-based comparison of the most prominent EHS software vendors in the market. This webinar will share the findings of the evaluation of 23 market-leading vendors based on the Verdantix Green Quadrant proprietary methodology. The assessment utilised vendors’ responses to a 383-point questionnaire and three-hour live product demonstrations. We also leveraged vendor responses from prior questionnaires to maximize the accuracy of our analysis, as well as integrated findings from our recent global survey of 411 EHS decision-makers across 25 industries and 35 countries. The webinar, hosted by Senior Analyst Yaowen Ma, will discuss what the analysis findings mean for software buyers, vendors and the larger market as well as share recommendations for future enhancements of software platforms.

16 MAY 2019

Office space provider WeWork has been a focal point of headlines in the real estate world because of its rapid expansion and steep billion-dollar valuations. The lesser known side of its recent history is how WeWork is positioning itself to be at the forefront of smart building innovation, applying technology to improve construction processes, office design, space utilization and tenant engagement across its rapidly expanding building portfolio. This webinar provides corporate real estate and facility managers with a review of WeWork’s application of smart building technology and highlights the key learnings for executives managing building portfolios. 

22 MAY 2019

The webinar brings together insights from Verdantix research on the developments in the UAV services market with our recently published market size and forecast for drone defence solutions. Decision-makers in the European and North American UAV market will gain insights to inform business planning and strategy.  The use of drones for both private and commercial purposes has risen over the last few years with millions of shipments of low-cost drones made to consumers and businesses. Due to their versatility, drones have been used for both illegal and malicious purposes creating the need for corporate security to up their defences. This webinar covers two scenarios forecasted by Verdantix: in the first, governments introduce only lax regulations and the market reaches $10.8 billion by 2039; in the second scenario, strict regulations limit the growth to $2.7 billion. Attendees will hear about the growth of commercial and industrial drones over the next 20 years, solutions that exist to counter drone incursions and the way the market is evolving in terms of UAV service providers.