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17 MAY 2018

Property investors, including REITs and fund managers, are exploring the role of innovative technologies as a major source of opportunity for their funds. Investors are increasing their deployments of software solutions that provide better insights into the performance of their portfolios and smart building technologies to attract better tenants and increase rents.

This Verdantix webinar provides unique data from 100 interviews we conducted with real estate investment decision-makers across the world’s major financial centres. You will hear how much these executives influence technology purchase decisions, which technologies are going to be deployed in-house to assist with processes such as site selection, as well as the smart building technologies that will be used to enhance the performance of their real estate assets. The webinar will also provide hard data on property investors’ forecast changes in technology expenditure.

This webinar is a must-attend for everyone in the real estate value chain. This includes investors, tenants and real estate agents. It also includes technology vendors selling solutions to property investors, such as real estate software vendors, IWMS providers and the broader smart building technology ecosystem.

31 MAY 2018

In recent years, firms with physical operational assets such as manufacturing equipment, railway depots, chemical plants, natural gas pipelines and retail stores have started using digital technology to identify and control the risks associated with those assets. Their aim is to better manage operational risks, which have both safety and business continuity implications. This webinar identifies and discusses the business value, pace of innovation, investment case and maturity of a wide array of innovative operational risk technologies such as drones, augmented reality visors, digital wearables, barrier risk management software, process safety management software, qualitative and quantitative risk assessment software, mobile risk apps and asset integrity software.

This webinar is a must-attend for operational executives, facility and plant managers, maintenance executives and EHS leaders to understand the different solutions that are available to them, so that they can prioritize their investment decisions to minimise operational risks and maximise operational efficiency as well as safety. Operational risk and EHS software vendors should also join this webinar to assess the supplier ecosystem for such solutions, evaluate what their competitors are doing and discover ways to enhance the value proposition they offer their customers.