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  • “The Verdantix HSE technologies summit was a valuable platform to connect with my peer group and get a sense check on current information management strategies.”
    Neil Lennox, Head of Group Safety & Insurance at Sainsburys
  • “By meeting with other HSE professionals from across Europe the Verdantix summit helped me to progress my thinking about HSE systems and the potential for digital safety innovations.”
    Ulrich Hank, Senior Vice President/Head of Health, Safety & Environment at Innogy
  • “Speaking at the Verdantix summit provided me with the opportunity to share my thoughts with vendors on how, through better listening, they can improve their engagement with large corporates’ HSE programmes.”
    Richard Pamenter, VP & Global Head of Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability at GSK
  • “At the Verdantix summit I enjoyed sharing and discussing with other EHS professionals the best practices from our own EHS information management strategy at Johnson Controls.”
    Serge Everdepoel, Corporate Health and Safety Director, Johnson Controls
  • “I hadn’t attended a Verdantix summit before so it was refreshing to see how they provide a forum to discuss HSE innovation and technology. It’s a unique agenda in the event landscape.”
    Dan Platten, Health & Safety Director at Skanska Costain Strabag
  • “Delivering the keynote at the Verdantix HSE innovation summit was a great platform to start discussions about the way technology can support doing safety differently.”
    John Green, Programme HSE Director at Battersea Power Station
  • “The Verdantix summit provides a much-needed forum for safety leaders and executives from technology vendors to better understand how to successfully implement digital technology.”
    Kevin Furniss, VP Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability at APM Terminals
  • “The seniority of the speakers and the audience at the Verdantix HSE summit differentiated the event and made it a valuable use of my time as an investor in HSE and energy technologies.”
    Rob Genieser, Managing Partner at ETF Partners

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