Verdantix Identifies Thirty-Nine Smart Innovators In The Emerging Market For Worker Safety Technologies

NEW YORK – April 4, 2017. A surge of innovation has created a new range of digital worker safety technologies with huge potential to enhance safety performance, according to a new report from independent research firm Verdantix. The rise of mobile safety apps, data science techniques, drones, virtual reality systems and low cost internet of things (IoT) devices has propelled this new market. Tens of thousands of front line workers already use these technologies to improve safety in the workplace.


Boosting Worker Safety With Innovative Technologies

This webinar provides EH&S professionals with a detailed overview of the wide range of innovative technologies available on the market which can be used to improve worker safety. Our research finds that safety executives make tactical use of new technologies such as in-vehicle monitoring, intelligent PPE, virtual reality safety training, human condition monitoring, beacons for hazcom, mobile apps and drones for inspections. This webinar explains how EH&S managers can create a technology roadmap to make more systematic investments to boost worker safety.