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London – July 3, 2018. The worldwide market for real estate and building management software will grow from $4.9 billion in 2018 to $7.4 billion in 2022. This is according to a new market size and forecast analysis from independent research firm Verdantix. The analysis aims to be the most accurate on the market by including revenue data from over 400 software vendors, interviews conducted by Verdantix with over 300 real estate and facilities managers, and 100 property owners in 12 countries around the world, to understand spending decisions and budget changes. The forecast analysis combines macroeconomic data, vendor revenue trends, segment-level drivers and customer budget changes, across five segments defined by functional area (property management, real estate investment, maintenance, energy and workplace management) and three regions globally.

New York— May 30, 2018. The US market for drone-related equipment, software and services will grow from $631 million in 2018 to $6.1 billion in 2037. This is according to a new market size and forecast model from independent research firm Verdantix. The assessment considers spending on drones across eleven usage scenarios relevant to commercial and industrial firms as well as government agencies such as the police, fire department and coastguard.

London–May 22, 2018. Independent research firm Verdantix today announces the launch of a new operational risk research solution. The research assesses the potential for technology to enhance barrier management, risk planning and controls, process safety management, management of change and permit to work processes. Technologies covered by the Verdantix operational risk research solution include operational risk software, industrial wearables, drones, intrinsically safe devices, asset integrity systems, remote monitoring, digital twin asset models and risk analytics.

London – May 10, 2018. Independent Research Firm Verdantix recently published the report “Smart Innovators: Space Management”. Drawing upon in-depth interviews with senior executives across the space management market, Verdantix analysed the most important trends and technology solutions that will shape the near-term evolution of space analytics and enable agile work. In the report, Verdantix identifies 31 cutting-edge technology firms as “Smart Innovators” in the Space Management market.

London – April 27, 2018. Independent research firm Verdantix today announces the launch of a new research portal on the tenth anniversary of the firm’s incorporation in 2008. The new research portal, built on an award-winning content management system, provides a wealth of innovative content delivery features to enhance the online client experience. The research portal is optimized for use on mobile devices as well as for laptops and PCs. Verdantix research clients will benefit from quicker access to relevant reports, enhanced graphical content and keyword research alerts.