Verdantix Names Seventeen Smart Innovators In The Environmental Data Management Software Market

NEW YORK – March 27, 2017. Firms with site-level environmental compliance challenges relating to construction permits, pollution management and remediation should leverage the applications from seventeen smart innovators in the environmental data management (EDM) software market. This is the key finding of a new report from independent research firm Verdantix, which examines the capabilities and business benefits of EDM software.

“A wide range of organizations with responsibility for managing environmental pollution, in both the private and public sector, need to provide detailed compliance data to regulators such as the US EPA, the UK Environment Agency and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency” commented Isabel Velasco, Verdantix Analyst and author of the report. “EDM software is an essential technology to collect, aggregate, analyse, model, map and visualize complex data sets which must be reported to regulators for site-level environmental compliance. Consultants like CH2M and Ramboll Environ are the biggest users of these sophisticated digital tools.”

The Verdantix report, “Smart Innovators: Environmental Data Management Software” provides an assessment of the capabilities of seventeen of the most prominent EDM software vendors. Verdantix benchmarked Aquaveo, Breeze, Columbia Technologies, EarthSoft, EHS Data, Enfos, Envirosite, EScIS, Gaea Technologies, GeoTech Computer Systems, Geovariances, Groundsure, GSI Environmental, Hydro International, Kisters, Rockware and Waterloo Hydrogeologic.

EDM software applications integrate with enterprise EH&S software from vendors like Dakota Software and Enablon, but are distinct from those applications. The primary focus of EDM software is to support data collection, analysis and mapping for pollution at site-level, often associated with a clean-up project or pre-construction permitting. Large data sets from EDM software for instance relating to air emissions can be loaded into EH&S apps.

Most EDM software applications are designed to collect and store a wide range of environmental data sets covering air emissions, ground and surface water, soil, sediment, waste solids and fluids, noise pollution, biological samples and even meteorological data. Functionality for data processing and analysis is more varied. Only seven vendors provide complete lab sample planning and labelling capabilities. Just four vendors have financial analysis capabilities. Most EDM software has impressive tools for site-level modelling, geographic mapping and 3D visualization.

“To improve their value proposition, EDM software vendors should look at the potential to automate and enhance data collection with drones, robots and sensors” commented David Metcalfe, Verdantix CEO. “Lower cost techniques to collect more data when combined with powerful analytics will speed up environmental risk management, generate better insights and save money for customers with environmental liabilities. It’s not clear that consulting firms, the biggest users of EDM software, are ready to grasp the opportunities of the digital EDM ecosystem. Environmental NGOs already use these tools to gather data on unreported pollution.”


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