Citation Policy

To protect our reputation for independence and objectivity we require the appropriate use of the company name and research publications.

Verdantix provides independent and objective strategic, financial and business advice based on rigorous research. Clients and third parties frequently seek to cite Verdantix research for purposes other than their internal use.

The Verdantix name, logo and intellectual property may only be used commercially in connection with advertising, sales materials or other commercial activities with the explicit pre-approval of Verdantix for each instance of use. This policy defines the criteria that will be used to issue that approval.

All Verdantix intellectual property is subject to this Citation Policy.

This policy applies to all contexts in which the Verdantix name or research may appear externally. It includes, but is not limited to advertising, annual reports, blogs, books, brochures, marketing materials, newsletters, press releases, presentations, signage and speeches.

Limited use of excerpts internally within client organizations is allowed and does not require pre-approval. All Verdantix copyrighted material should be marked “For internal use only” and “Source: Verdantix”.

Use of Verdantix research by accredited members of the press does not require pre-approval. For guidelines on usage of Verdantix research by members of the press please visit our Press Resources section.

Verdantix research may not be used to endorse a company, product, service, or to criticise a competitor. No company-specific excerpts are permitted as they may imply endorsement.

Quotations from published research must be properly attributed to the original research source in the following way: "Verdantix, Title, Date".

Third parties may cite social media content by Verdantix as long as the integrity of the posted content is maintained and is linked directly to the original source. All citations must come from content written within the past 18 months.

Headlines including press releases, blogs and social media posts may not contain "Verdantix." Instead the phrase "Independent Analyst Firm" should be used.

The purchase of digital reprints of Verdantix research publications for public distribution is subject to the Verdantix Reprint Policy. To receive a copy of our Reprint Policy please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Verdantix reserves the right to make changes to this citation policy at any time and without notice.