Facility Optimization Management: Do You Think Your Building Is Running At Its Best?

This Verdantix webinar will provide software and hardware vendors, developing solutions for optimizing facilities, with insights into the broad theme of facility optimization management. This webinar will share insights into the theme of optimized buildings and explore topics such as 1. What determines if a building is running optimally; 2. Strategies to move from energy management to facility optimization; 3. is IoT-based technology the key to achieving optimization. This webinar is a must attend for anyone responsible for building operations.


Predictions, Risks And Opportunities: What Should Real Estate And Facilities Software Executives Watch Out For In 2017?

This Verdantix webinar provides customers and software vendors with insights into the Real Estate, Energy and Facilities Information Management (REEFIM) market in 2017. You will hear about how a new wave of space optimization solutions will take off based on better occupancy data, how energy management and maintenance management software will move closer together and why edge analytics will increasingly feature in supplier IoT propositions. In addition, we will cover the buyer perspective, looking at how more mature customers will start to get to grips with the full picture of building optimization.

This webinar is a must-attend for software executives within the REEFIM market, including suppliers of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), enterprise asset management (EAM), computerized maintenance and management systems (CMMS), computer-assisted facilities management (CAFM) and energy management software (EMS).