Space Management Solutions Come Of Age To Revolutionize The Office

Starting out as a simple room booking functionality when CAFM emerged as a software solution to improve real estate operations management during the 1980s, space management modules are now rapidly developing into a sophisticated set of functionalities that every corporate real estate executive needs.

Why now? The combination of ballooning office urban rental costs since the start of the 2010s and an expanding global economy are exerting pressure on many large corporations to maximize their space usage as they onboard more staff. Indeed, our 2017 global survey showed a whopping 85% of respondents deem space use maximization either an important or very important element of their strategy over the next 3 years (see the infographic below).

Verdantix Global Real Estate Energy Facilities Survey 2017 Budgets Priorities 01

Traditionally, offices were static, with each employee having a permanent, assigned seat. This set up frequently results in some floors overcrowding, and others being underutilized by as much as 50%.

Improving space utilization is not a new idea, but the first wave of hotdesking initiatives led to minimal impact. But the latest generation of technology by vendors such as ARCHIBUS, FM:Systems, Planon, RedstoneConnect, Rapal, Rifiniti, Serraview and Trimble makes it possible to improve space management and employee enjoyment of the space at the same time. Corporate heads of real estate are increasingly noticing this and are manoeuvring to find the right technologies to help them decide on how to cut down on wasted space. Existing space management software offer them numerous options, such as measuring usage by site, introducing hot-desking or restacking at the portfolio level. At the same time, mobile apps are now available to help occupant navigate complex buildings, so they aren’t late for meetings, or to simply adjust a room’s HVAC and lighting setting to maximize comfort.

And there is still more to come, including the use of the Internet of Things and AI-powered virtual assistants to aid space optimization strategies. Join us at our upcoming webinar – Selecting An Innovative Space Management Solution To Unlock Your Building’s Full Potential – on 19 April 2018 (4pm UK time, 11am EST, 8am PST), to find out more.