Schneider Electric’s New EcoStruxure Solutions Broaden Its Ability To Deliver Actionable Insight From Digitized Microgrids, Data Centers and Buildings

This past month, 3 fresh modules have been added to Schneider Electric’s operational management and monitoring platform EcoStruxure. EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor has been updated to enable microgrid operators to, among other functionalities, anticipate and store energy in response to incoming severe storms, view energy operations in real time and upgrade cybersecurity measures. EcoStruxure IT is a new cloud-based platform for hybrid IT and data center environments, which can be deployed with Schneider’s Service Bureau for 24/7 remote monitoring to minimalize downtime. EcoStruxure Building offers interoperability across systems managing energy consumption, fire safety, security and workplace management in buildings.

This flurry of product releases signals to the market that Schneider Electric is putting meat on the bones of its ongoing IoT platform strategy (see Verdantix Schneider Electric Positions EcoStruxure As The Backbone Of A Smart Building Strategy). These products allow customers to take advantage of today’s key technology trends such as the expansion of data capture on commercial and industrial assets, data streams on live asset performance made possible by the IoT and the proliferation of decentralized, renewable energy.

Until recently the costs involved in measuring and capturing all the data, and then making sense of it, seemed prohibitively expensive or difficult. For example, in our 2016 global Verdantix energy leaders survey installing additional sensors in buildings was only the tenth most popular initiative out of thirteen possible responses. In the electrical transmission and distribution sector – the most developed IoT implementation yet – firms have only recently worked out how to drive value from the additional granular data, for example from improved fraud detection and distribution station monitoring. Similarly, microgrids are a hefty investment that principally appeal to military agencies or large data centres that can use it to keep things running even if there is a grid blackout nationwide.

So how will EcoStruxure’s latest updates and modules fare in a changing industry and building management landscape? The signs are positive so far. Schneider appears to be breaking through with notable US customer wins. IT services firm LightEdge Solutions has selected Schneider to design a 73,000 square-foot data center, and the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar has selected Schneider to deploy a microgrid on its premises. And the EcoStruxure solution seems to be resonating with customers, and has been credited as a key driver of Schneider’s improved profit margins in its results for the first half of 2017.

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