Schneider Electric And Planon’s New Partnership Responds To Surging Customer Demand For Actionable Insights On Building Performance

On March 13, 2019, global building technology vendor Schneider Electric and IWMS vendor Planon announced a partnership to jointly develop a new end-to-end smart building solution. Initially, the partnership will see an integration between existing products: Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Advisor that captures and analyses data from buildings management systems and Planon’s IWMS platform. Key data from EcoStruxure Building Advisor will feed into Planon’s IWMS to provide customers with real-time data on asset performance, alerts on predicted equipment failures, and suggestions on maintenance interventions to inform actions on the ground.

This new offering is well-timed. It responds to the growing demand from facility managers for better insights on asset performance. According to our 2018 Smart Building Survey, 84% of firms want to improve the data availability of assets such as refrigerators, HVAC and lighting. An analysis of this data can speed up fault detection and provide technicians with foresight into asset condition before attending a site. In addition, with the growing uptake of mobile apps, engineers are better placed to get value out of real-time insights. In the previous era dominated by desktop-based CMMS, maintenance workers would struggle to act on real-time data even if it were available.

Other smart building software vendors are also pouncing on this opportunity. FSI launched ‘IoT Hub’ that integrates with BMSs and feeds insights on equipment performance into its Concept Evolution CAFM. Start-up Enertiv launched ‘Enertiv 360’ which plots real-time data sensor data on 3D visualizations to create a digital model of the mechanical and electrical infrastructure within large buildings. IWMS vendor Spacewell has developed an IoT platform ‘COBUNDU’ that is already being used by its customers to collect data that informs just-in-time-maintenance programmes.

In this rapidly evolving market solutions are taking a myriad of shapes. Verdantix finds that Schneider Electric and Planon are well-placed to catch the wave. Rather than building new capabilities from the ground up, their focus is tying together existing solutions and core competencies. Particularly Schneider Electric’s strength in capturing and analysing granular building data and Planon’s broad platform for managing real estate and facilities workflows. The two vendors are focused on making sure their solutions come together in a way that is seamless to the end-users.

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