Realcomm 2019: Top Takeaways For The Smart Building Technology Ecosystem

Last week Verdantix attended the Realcomm and IBcon conference in Nashville, with over 2,000 attendees and over 180s exhibitors. The event brought together technology and services vendors across the real estate, workplace and building management sectors, as well as real estate executives and CIOs. What are the top takeaways for the smart building technology ecosystem?

The major theme of the event was occupant experience and tenant engagement, with many vendors positioning new products and messaging around this topic. For example, CBRE showcased ‘Host’, a new offering that aims to improve workplace experience through front-of-house staff and an employee-facing mobile app. ThoughtWire highlighted ‘WorkApp’ which enables occupants to adjust temperature controls through a mobile device. Improving occupant experience is a high priority for corporate real estate managers: 38% of executives highlighted that as their top priority for 2019, ahead of cost savings. That mind-set reflects the greater leeway facility executives have to run strategies that extend beyond operational efficiency in a growing economy.

The event highlighted that new propositions to manage cybersecurity risks of IoT devices and connected control systems in buildings are emerging at a fast pace. Building cybersecurity is an issue getting heightened visibility through the spate of horror stories that hit the headlines in 2017 and 2018. At the event, L&T Technology Services highlighted its new software to manage the security of BACnet devices and controllers that integrate with Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub. Start-up Acreto highlighted the launch of its cybersecurity-as-a-service offering into the smart building space.

In addition, technology vendors demonstrated fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) solutions that are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Some early versions of FDD software created new headaches for building managers by highlighting thousands of faults daily and providing too many insights for building managers to review. At the event, firms such as Facilio, KGS, PointGuard and Switch Automation showcased their FDD solutions that prioritize the most urgent faults and pushes these into maintenance workflows seamlessly.

To learn about the innovative technologies enabling smarter buildings, tune into our webinar taking place on Thursday, June 27, 2019: Building IoT: Where Are The Tangible And Valuable Opportunities?

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