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C3 Vision Adds Further Impetus To Strategic Shift In Energy Management

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Energy management, until recently an operations backwater is getting a technology injection as tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and a broad range of services firms pile into this emerging space. Historically dominated by tactical applications deployed at a facility level by firms like Entech USB and TEAM, enterprise-class energy management applications have now arrived in force.

What’s new? These enterprise apps have the ability to handle high volumes of data, boast scalable architecture to underpin global rollouts, offer Software-as-a-Service deployment, flexible integration with IT systems and process controls and powerful analytics engines. New entrants also bring sales and marketing strategies that target the C-Level – a big break with the historical focus on plant managers, facilities directors and energy managers.

Suppliers with offerings in this market can be split into three main groups. Firstly, corporate software and technology firms such as IBM, Oracle and SAP with recent investments in the energy management software market are vying for a piece of the pie. Secondly, energy services firms with software applications developed in-house or acquired, such as Johnson Controls or Schneider Electric. These suppliers sell solution-based propositions into their core markets such as basic resources, chemical, hospitals, schools and utilities. Finally, software innovators which launched into the market in the last 6 years such as CarbonSystems, ENXSuite and JouleX.

Newly unveiled C3, the San Mateo based software start-up, co-founded by Tom Siebel, takes strategic thinking about where the technology-enabled energy management is headed to a higher level. The firm believes that the global economy is on the cusp of a paradigm shift in energy consumption – and more broadly resource consumption – and is positioned to provide the data, process management functionality and analytics that will enable CEOs to re-align their global business operations to a more sustainable path. Verdantix believes that three winners will emerge in this embryonic market by 2016.