An EH&S Incident in 2018


According to Verdantix research, just over 31% of EH&S leaders across the globe use EH&S information management software to assist in the management of occupational safety. This represents the highest usage rate in any of the 12 categories Verdantix queried, with the lowest being 14% in water management. On the supply side, the market and the vendors within are seeing double digit year-over-year growth, rapidly growing teams, expansion into global markets, and increased attention from both investors (see Intelex, Enviance, IHS) and larger software firms (see Wolters Kluwer and Enablon) looking to get their share of this billion dollar market

What this translates to is a rapidly growing, rapidly evolving space which is bound to look very different in the coming years. Mobile-optimized solutions, offline capabilities, data analytics, business intelligence, new software architectures, and integration with other emerging technology such as health-monitoring wearables are all examples of how corporations are beginning to have more innovative and effective methods of improving EH&S performance.

For example, imagine the VP of EH&S is on vacation, a thousand miles away from the factory, when an alert lights up their phone. The wearable worn by employee #726, John Doe, is showing that John has not moved in 15 minutes, that his heartrate is slow, and that the ambient temperature around him is nearing 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The alert, which also has shown up on the phones of the Emergency Response Teams’s manager, the COO, John’s manager, also shows John to be located in the rear-most building in the plant in which they store flammable chemicals. An incident has been automatically created based on a set of pre-determined criteria, and now all relevant parties are in a group chat coordinating a response.

Verdantix’s upcoming webinar titled ‘The Future Of EH&S Information Management will explore these possibilities, examine the current state of the EH&S software market, and project a future landscape based on more than 500 interviews with EH&S senior managers, software executives and consulting practice leaders with decades of industry experience. This webinar will be useful to corporates seeking to using EH&S software, EH&S software vendors, investors, and anyone looking to make sense of this dynamic market.