Accruent Makes Two New Acquisitions Including EMS Software To Create A Space Management Solution Ecosystem

On June 4th, global software company Accruent announced the acquisition of EMS Software, a campus and workplace management platform. The EMS Software platform is used to monitor, manage and control classrooms, gathering spaces, meeting rooms and office workspace hoteling for over 2,000 organizations and eight million users. The EMS Software platform provides campus-wide scheduling, meeting management, self-service video conferencing and space use analytics to complement Accruent’s portfolio of resource management solutions such as the suite of FAMIS solutions for space planning and facility and asset management or the Verisae vx Maintain solution for facility and asset management.

Just two days later Accruent followed up by announcing its acquisition of CMMS provider Maintenance Connection. The Maintenance Connection solution enables maintenance teams to manage workforces, predict asset maintenance needs and to manage equipment inventory through use of IoT-based sensors, machine-to-machine data exchanges and data exchanges with up to 25 different ERP systems.How will the EMS Software and Maintenance Connection solutions complement Accruent’s existing portfolio?

EMS Software fills a hole in the portfolio of Accruent’s existing solutions as it was short on space management capabilities given the increase in enthusiasm for space management solutions. Most recently, in Verdantix’s annual survey of over 300 real estate technology buyers, 55% of decision-makers rated improving space efficiency as their highest priority in the next 12 months, while 49% and 34% stated that maximizing space utilization and improved connectivity and data availability were very important trends impacting their real estate strategies over the next three years.

The solution will work well with the portfolio of Accruent’s existing solutions: it can import space utilization data from the FAMIS space planning platform to increase building tenant productivity and space use. The EMS Software solution can be linked with external platforms for management of catering services, HVAC systems and maintenance activities (potentially also Maintenance Connect) to help building operators provide optimum conditions for organizational operations.

Accruent’s acquisition strategy is to create an ecosystem of solutions that can be sold separately or combined to provide clients with a richer tenant focused smart building experience. Accruent’s growing solution set - having acquired nine firms since 2016 – gives it a major challenge on how well they can organise and communicate a coherent ecosystem of solutions. If it can pull this off it will give the firm a powerful competitive position. Compare it to wide reaching platform based IWMS competitors such as ARCHIBUS, Planon, Tango Analytics and Trimble, which have to work hard to compete at the level of an individual module/solution but can claim an easy and painless expansion path. At the other end of the scale, EMS Software as part of Accruent will be able to market a holistic set of solutions when compared to true point solutions for space management provided by competitors such as Asure Software, Condeco and Redstone Connect.

To hear about other solutions making waves in facility management, join the upcoming Verdantix webinar on 28 June: Selecting an Innovative Fault Detection, Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance Solution To Boost Equipment Uptime.