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Operational Risk Management Software

Software that integrates data about equipment, workers and production processes which enables operational managers to build real-time, dynamic, asset-level risk models to better identify, analyse and control risks.

Connected Worker

Frontline workers, by the nature of their roles, are more likely than others to encounter EHS hazards. Their job roles, although diverse, directly expose them to numerous risks from their environment.

Asset Performance Management Solutions

Solutions to monitor operational data, predict asset failures, and synchronize with maintenance systems to generate insights that help optimize operations reliability, prioritize repairs, plan inspections, and enhance asset risk management.

Digital Twins

An evolving digital model of an industrial facility which replicates the facility’s assets, processes and systems and simulates its performance using real-time and periodic data to enhance operational decision-making.

Asset Maintenance Software

Maintain equipment for stable, continuous operations, ensuring compliance and preventive action to help you get ahead of issues that can impact operations and production.

Drones / UAVs

Operations and EHS professionals increasingly look at new technologies to improve worker safety and reduce risk. Unmanned aerial vehicles designed to carry payloads or environmental data beyond the line of sight.

Industrial Wearables

With a wide range of industry use cases, wearable technologies benefit from a granular insights into worker and environmental conditions.

Business Issues

  • Operational excellence programmes
  • Asset integrity
  • Industrial risk management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Compliance for hazardous industries
  • Worker and contractor safety
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