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In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, Verdantix gives corporate managers, investors, technology executives, service firms and their teams the knowledge, insight and support to optimize their business operations. From sourcing new technologies and enhancing current solutions, to understanding the business opportunity and gaining competitive edge; Verdantix provides comprehensive analysis that gives you the confidence to make timely and robust decisions that help your business succeed.

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Corporate users are individuals who buy technologies and related services.


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Why Subscribe?

Reduce Your Risk

With access to our library of 120+ reports, industry analysts and consultancy team, you can depend on Verdantix as your trusted partner to provide you with the market understanding that you require to implement effective technology decisions that save you time, money and deliver value.

Make Informed Decisions Quicker

Subscribing to Verdantix enables you to stay up-to-date with the latest technology innovations and market data, without having to do the research yourself. Our top-quality research, benchmarking, analysis and case studies allow you to develop a deep understanding of your market and gain strategic insights to drive your business strategy.

Resolve Your Toughest Decisions

Our interviewing, analysis, benchmarking, case study and model-building capabilities provide you with unique information that helps you address your business’ challenges. Delivered through expert reports, best practice case studies, compelling webinars, videos and engaging events, we deliver easy-to-understand comprehensive analysis.

Lead With Confidence

Our research is free from bias. We use hard data to provide independent and objective analysis, so you can be confident that you are making fact-based business decisions.

Gain A Competitive Edge

To excel in your role, you need insights that allow you to benchmark your strategy to that of your peers. Our comprehensive market forecasts, green quadrant product benchmarks, global surveys and best practice case studies, provide you with the intelligence you need to develop competitive advantage.

Validate Your Strategy

Leverage the knowledge of our in-house team of 25+ industry experts who have been analysing the latest EHS, Operational Excellence and Smart Building technologies for more than 10 years. A subscription gives you access to our team of trusted analysts who will deliver impartial, evidence-based analysis that will give you the edge.

"Verdantix provides truly valuable insights into the EHS industry from all perspectives. The research covers a breadth of topics that helps push EHS to the next level regardless of role; Company, Software Vendor, Consulting and Services. The expertise and support of the Verdantix team, allows us to clearly understand our opportunities and align these with our business objectives that we wouldn’t be able to gain elsewhere."

Pamala Bobbitt – VP Product Marketing, Cority

"Having access to in-depth insights and an expert team who are able to help us address our key business challenges, allows us to remain at the forefront of the IWMS industry."

Brian Haines – VP Strategy, FM:Systems

"Verdantix insights help us to perform with greater agility. It gives us greater clarity on our customer and on the market we operate in, which allows us to provide a better product for our customers."

Alyn Franklin – Chief Executive Officer, Alcumus

"Verdantix research helps us anticipate and react to market and customer demands, which helps us as a business remain innovative and successful."

Markus Becker – CEO, Quentic

"The expert and easy to digest research from Verdantix helps us to continuously validate our strategy and to develop effective marketing campaigns to remain a leader in the global IWMS market."

Jos Knops - Global Director Product Marketing, Planon

"Verdantix research ensures that we feel confident in the decisions we make and keeps us on the path to success."

Christine Adeline – VP Product Management EHS and OpRisk, SAI Global

"We’re very impressed by both the market content and Verdantix's ability to distil that content for a prospective investor. I’d give Verdantix 10/10 and would definitely recommend to a friend or colleague."

VP, Global Private Equity Firm

"Having access to high-quality research is crucial to helping us remain a leader in the smart building technology industry. We need reliable insights that we can depend on in order to remain competitive and continue to deliver value to our clients."

Jeremy Towler – Analyst Relations Manager, Siemens

"Verdantix is a continuous source of expert insights for us across their research, events and advisory capabilities, which feed into initiatives across our business and are valued by all stakeholders; and allow us to remain a leader in the Sustainability, EHS and ORM markets."

Julien Picaud – Global Director of Marketing & Product Marketing, Enablon

"Verdantix's in-depth research helps me develop a PropTech strategy that engages my executive team, aligns with our corporate mission and keeps us at the forefront of the public sector property management."

Tanveer Hirani – Property Systems & Data Manager I Land & Property; Surrey County Council

Got A Question?

We're happy to help answer any questions you have. Call us at +44 (0)203 371 6784 or email us at [email protected] or see our FAQ section below



What is the difference between a Vendor and a Corporate subscription? How do I know which subscription is right for me?

Corporate subscriptions are only for individuals in roles where they purchase technology and software solutions. Vendor subscriptions are for individuals or companies who supply technologies, software or related services, including private equity and financial firms. The access and support you receive will differ based on your subscription type. If you would like to confirm your subscription type, please contacts us on [email protected]

What does a single user licence include?

A single user licence enables access to for a single user to a single practice group. Password sharing is not allowed, and users found engaging in this will be blocked from using the service. To add colleagues or practice groups to your account, please contact your account manager or [email protected]

Can I speak to a member of the team before subscribing?

Of course, you can reach us by calling our London office on +44 (0)203 371 6784. Alternatively, please email [email protected].com and a member of the team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Can I purchase individual reports?

All reports are available to purchase on an individual basis and can be purchased via credit card online. We recommend a subscription as you will benefit from access to our complete library of existing and upcoming reports as well as the additional benefits that come with a subscription.

I’ve bought an individual report but would now like to upgrade to a subscription, is this possible?

Yes, please contact us and we will be happy to upgrade your account. [email protected]

How do I subscribe to multiple practice groups?

You can purchase subscriptions to additional practice groups via the subscription webpage when logged in to your account. Alternatively, contact your account manager or [email protected] to discuss your account.

I’d like my whole team to have access to the account, is this possible?

Yes, we recommend enabling access to additional colleagues. If you would like to discuss a team package, please contact your account manager or [email protected]

Can I pay by invoice or bank transfer?

If you are unable to purchase a subscription via the online payment process, please contact [email protected]. Please note, you will not receive access until payment has been received.

How do I renew my subscription?

Subscription is 12 months from the date of purchase. We will contact you in advance of your subscription end-date to discuss renewal.

What does Analyst Access involve?

Analyst Access allows you to have direct conversation with our expert analysts, such as asking the report author further questions or discussing your new technology briefing with our team. The Access you receive will be dependent on your subscription.

I’d like further information on a report, is it possible to speak to the author?

As a Verdantix client you will be able to ask further questions on reports either by emailing the author or you can use your Analyst Access hours to discuss your questions.

Can I use research in my presentations etc?

As a Verdantix client you are able to cite Verdantix research in your materials, we ask that you adhere to our citation policy which you can find here:

I’m leaving my role, can I pass on my subscription?

Please contact your account manager or [email protected] with the details of the new account subscriber and we will allocate the remainder of your subscription to the new individual. The existing user account will be deactivated.

How can I see what research will be conducted in the upcoming year?

You can view our 2020 research plans here.

How do I suggest a topic?

If you would like to suggest research topics, themes or pose a question to our analysts, please contact your account manager or [email protected]