Everyone has an important role to play in reducing environmental impacts

We recognize that all firms and individuals have an important role to play in reducing negative environmental impacts and specifically tackling climate change. To respond to this issue we have developed the Verdantix Sustainability Policy which comprises a set of standard operating procedures and business targets.

To reduce our negative environmental impacts, as a firm and as individuals, Verdantix implements the following procedures:

Wherever possible Verdantix employees use public transport and where taxi services are required we use hybrid vehicles. The firm has strict controls on business air travel and engages in dialogue with clients in locations that would require air travel to seek alternative communication methods. Specifically Verdantix employees are not permitted to fly from the New York office to either Washington DC or Boston and must use the Amtrak train service. Verdantix employees are not permitted to fly from the London office to any city in England or Wales nor to Paris and must use train services.

The primary sources of waste for Verdantix are from printing. We minimize waste by not providing research reports in hard copy. Our research reports are specifically designed to facilitate reading on a laptop or PC. We have established a maximum of 20 printed pages per day for each employee and set all printing to double-sided. We recycle waste paper in both our London and New York offices. Employees do not have personal waste paper bins. All toner cartridges are recycled.

Verdantix believes that the consumption of bottled water in an office or hospitality context is unnecessary. We use mains water in our office environments and require hotels and restaurants to do the same for Verdantix events and meetings. This includes all Verdantix Executive Roundtable events which are hosted in Boston, Chicago, London, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC and for Verdantix Client Summits hosted in London and New York.

Every year we educate 10 clients on our sustainability policy in person and discuss with them how they can improve their own sustainability performance. In 2012 our focus was on discussing GHG emissions from air travel.

Wherever possible we source products and services from suppliers with a sustainability policy. This primarily covers printing supplies, stationery, computing equipment and business travel. Verdantix recently benchmarked the sustainability of the supply chains of consumer electronics firms and used this analysis to guide our IT procurement policy.