Verdantix is an independent research and advisory firm with expertise in digital strategies for Environment, Health & Safety, Operational Excellence, Smart Buildings, ESG & Sustainability and Net Zero & Climate Risk. Our mission is to anticipate the insights and data that our clients need so you can succeed with growth strategies, invest wisely and optimize performance.

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Environment, Health & Safety
7 December 2022

Strategic Focus: Climate Risk and Net Zero Emissions Services

Operational Excellence
6 December 2022

Augmentir Differentiates Through Digital Work Instructions Tailored To Worker Co…

ESG & Sustainability
6 December 2022

Strategic Focus: The Impact Of The Inflation Reduction Act In The US

Smart Buildings
2 December 2022

Market Overview: The Future Of Facilities And Real Estate Software - Unleashing …

ESG & Sustainability
1 December 2022

Smart Innovators: Net Zero Consulting Services Providers

Net Zero & Climate Risk
30 November 2022

A Market In Flux: Navigating The Net Zero Consulting Landscape (Webinar)

Complimentary Reports

Environment, Health & Safety
9 June 2022

Market Insight: 5 Key Considerations When Buying EHS Software

Procuring a new EHS management system can be an overwhelming process for organizations. A diverse software market landscape with hundreds of active vendors, input from multiple internal stakeholders a…

Operational Excellence
23 June 2022

Applications Of 3D Visualization Software And Its Benefits For Industrial Asset …

Computer-generated three-dimensional (3D) graphical representations of real-world physical assets have a rich history of vibrant use cases, from Bell Labs’ 1963 computer animation of a satellite…

Smart Buildings
30 June 2022

Market Insight: Making Sense of the Metaverse For Real Estate Executives

The metaverse has seen an explosion of interest, backed heavily by some of the world’s largest technology firms. Facebook has rebranded to Meta, and Microsoft has a vision of bringing people, pl…

ESG & Sustainability
27 July 2022

Social Impact Solutions: Corporate Social Responsibility And Beyond (Webinar)

Social impact is in the spotlight as global events and increasing pressure from investors and stakeholders, have added more emphasis on the social pillar of ESG.  This webinar will look at the dr…

Net Zero & Climate Risk
8 June 2022

Strategic Focus: Designing An SBTi-Ready Net Zero Strategy

Climate change mitigation depends on global commitments to net zero. As the pressure to reduce carbon emissions intensifies, firms are seeking the validation of the Science Based Targets initiative (S…

"Having access to in-depth insights and an expert team who are able to help us address our key business challenges, allows us to remain at the forefront of the IWMS industry."

Brian Haines – VP Strategy, FM:Systems

"Verdantix insights help us to perform with greater agility. It gives us greater clarity on our customer and on the market we operate in, which allows us to provide a better product for our customers."

Alyn Franklin – Chief Executive Officer, Alcumus

"Verdantix research helps us anticipate and react to market and customer demands, which helps us as a business remain innovative and successful."

Markus Becker – CEO, Quentic

"The expert and easy to digest research from Verdantix helps us to continuously validate our strategy and to develop effective marketing campaigns to remain a leader in the global IWMS market."

Jos Knops - Global Director Product Marketing, Planon

"Verdantix research ensures that we feel confident in the decisions we make and keeps us on the path to success."

Christine Adeline – VP Product Management EHS and OpRisk, SAI Global

"We’re very impressed by both the market content and Verdantix's ability to distil that content for a prospective investor. I’d give Verdantix 10/10 and would definitely recommend to a friend or colleague."

VP, Global Private Equity Firm

"Having access to high-quality research is crucial to helping us remain a leader in the smart building technology industry. We need reliable insights that we can depend on in order to remain competitive and continue to deliver value to our clients."

Jeremy Towler – Analyst Relations Manager, Siemens

"Verdantix is a continuous source of expert insights for us across their research, events and advisory capabilities, which feed into initiatives across our business and are valued by all stakeholders; and allow us to remain a leader in the Sustainability, EHS and ORM markets."

Julien Picaud – Global Director of Marketing & Product Marketing, Enablon

"Verdantix's in-depth research helps me develop a PropTech strategy that engages my executive team, aligns with our corporate mission and keeps us at the forefront of the public sector property management."

Tanveer Hirani – Property Systems & Data Manager I Land & Property, Surrey County Council

Recent Webinars

Gain key insights into Verdantix’s unique, authoritative research through our webinar series.

Environment, Health & Safety
14 April 2022

Coupling EHS With Quality Management: When? Why? And What Are The Benefits? (Web…

This webinar seeks to give firms and vendors alike an overview of the premise behind EHSQ platforms.  The insights within this webinar will provide a greater understanding of the motivating facto…

Operational Excellence
30 March 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Connected Worker Solutions: Market Trends And …

COVID-19 has driven demand for connected worker solutions and the pace of growth continues to gain momentum. Adoption of solutions which facilitate a connected and remote workforce, such as mobile app…

Smart Buildings
7 April 2022

How To Design A Successful Healthy Buildings Strategy (Webinar)

Since COVID-19, facilities executives have been forced to manage an increasingly complex and broadening healthy building agenda spanning pandemic management, comfort, sustainability and cost reduction…

ESG & Sustainability
3 March 2022

Carbon Management Software: How To Design Your RFP And Create Your Vendor Shortl…

Thousands of firms are making commitments to achieve net zero emissions or to migrate to a lower carbon operational model but few have a digital platform in place which is fit for purpose. Verdantix h…

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Verdantix research is split into three categories that are indispensable sources of insight and validation for hundreds of professionals in EHS, operations, and real estate, energy as well as facilities management roles.

Environment, Health & Safety

Research coverage includes software application benchmarks, service provider assessments, market size and forecast models, a global survey of 400 heads of EHS and best practices studies.

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Operational Excellence

Verdantix operational excellence research includes an annual survey of more than 250 operations managers, software product benchmarks and coverage of emerging technologies such as real-time risk controls, digital twins and IIoT.

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Smart Buildings

Research coverage includes product benchmarks, market segmentation analysis, supplier databases and annual surveys of decision makers throughout the value chain.

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ESG & Sustainability

Our ESG and sustainability research improves the decisions of investors, tech providers, financial services firms and corporate leaders. We deliver on this mission by conducting in-depth research on the full range of services and technologies required to succeed with ESG and sustainability strategies.

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Net Zero & Climate Risk

Our Net Zero & Climate Risk research improves the decisions of investors, tech providers, financial services firms and corporate leaders. We deliver on this mission by conducting in-depth research on the full range of services and technologies required to succeed with net zero strategies.

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