How To Select Smart Building Security Software For Your Business

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How To Select Smart Building Security Software For Your Business

While building security was once a siloed pillar of operations, regarded as secondary to key business priorities by many executives, the increasing risk of disruption is driving a developing need for more robust security infrastructures. The market is seeing intensifying demands as threats proliferate, increasing the focus on building security. More frequent climate incidents, such as floods and storms – as well as changing occupant demands, health and safety concerns, and the perpetual threat of bad actors – is brightening the spotlight on building security. COVID-19 has also emphasized the damaging impact of business disruption, further strengthening the business case for building security solutions that can ensure resilience.

In response to these drivers, customers are looking to take mitigating action. Over 50% of firms plan to extend, replace or newly invest in building security software. Vendors are continuously improving their offerings to align more closely with customer requirements – over the past few years, integrated building security solutions have become more modern, open and interoperable. Available solutions now cover a wider range of capabilities, with the most comprehensive offerings providing functionality ranging from visitor management to global security operations centre to video surveillance tools. Acquisition has been a common strategy employed by vendors to achieve this breadth. With this space experiencing growing activity, it can be difficult for buyers to identify, assess and shortlist the best solutions for their unique business needs.

Our recent assessment of the leading integrated smart building security software vendors globally offers buyers an excellent launchpad for scoping out the market of potential providers. But this benchmark offers one view of the market based on general weightings. Buyers can adapt the Green Quadrant assessment into an even more powerful analysis tool that enables them to assess solution providers based on their specific business needs. To understand how to do this, and to see how Verdantix can facilitate both this step and the general software selection process, check out our webinar on July 12th.

Manager, Advisory Services

Dayann is a Manager in the Advisory Services team. Having previously been a part of the Verdantix Smart Buildings research team, he currently leads and works on consulting projects across all of Verdantix’s practices, with a particular focus on ESG, Net Zero and Smart Building engagements. Dayann joined Verdantix in early 2020, following time as a Business and Technology Consultant at IBM. He holds an M.Eng. in Engineering (Mechanical) with Business Finance from University College London.