EcoOnline Presses Lone Worker Safety Agenda With The Acquisition Of StaySafe

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EcoOnline Presses Lone Worker Safety Agenda With The Acquisition Of StaySafe

On June the 15th EcoOnline, the Norwegian headquartered EHS SaaS software vendor, announced the acquisition of StaySafe, a provider of cloud-based lone worker monitoring solutions. StaySafe, headquartered in London, was established in 2012 and has grown to house a team of 35 employees and over 850 clients across the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. With the acquisition, EcoOnline will look to bring lone worker safety management to its existing customer base of over 7000 firms. Historically a chemical safety management specialist, EcoOnline has made significant strides to broaden market reach and functionality, having completed 5 previous acquisitions since securing funding in 2017, notably the 2020 acquisition of EHS software platform vendor, Airsweb and 2021 acquisition of Engage EHS, a mobile-focused safety management solutions provider.

EcoOnline’s acquisition of StaySafe highlights the growing corporate interest placed in mobile EHS applications, this is typified by the results of the 2021 Verdantix Survey, which saw 40% of respondents plan to increase their spend on mobile applications. Connecting both on-site and off-site workers with technology is a top agenda for corporate EHS leaders, that have set ambitious total worker health and safety goals. Lone worker solutions will play a vital role in achieving these goals, to give managers real-time updates on worker safety and wellbeing whilst in the field. The value of lone worker solutions has been witnessed in response to the lingering effects of the pandemic. Firms across a number of industries have been forced to make wholesale changes procedures, favouring lean operations with an increased proportion of employees working remotely, off-site and by themselves.

The StaySafe solution offers clients a number of functionalities to safeguard lone workers in the field. The application uses satellite tracking to give workers geolocation and gives real-time information on safety status. Safety managers are able to communicate directly with workers through alerts to advise them of new safety considerations and request workers to give periodic safety updates throughout their shift. The solution provides a panic button for users in cases of emergency, this can be leveraged for numerous situations such as worker injury, serious incidents and aggressive scenarios during public-facing roles. The application gives a strong foundation for firms to move towards connected worker solutions, with the ability to integrate with a range of wearable devices that measure worker vital signs and monitor hazardous environments.  

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