Implementing AI technologies to boost enterprise performance

Generative AI has transformed the accessibility of high-powered artificial intelligence technologies. Digital capabilities which were previously the preserve of data scientists and expert engineers have been unlocked for all business professionals. For over a decade, Verdantix has extensively researched the integration of machine learning AI applications in industrial operations. By merging the natural language query interface of Large Language Models with pre-existing AI tools, firms have a remarkable opportunity to enhance operational performance and worker productivity.

Verdantix research helps CxOs at technology and services firms to understand the market opportunity for the application of AI technologies to specific business use cases. In addition to benchmarking AI platforms and AI systems integrators, Verdantix is uniquely positioned to advise on the adoption of AI by leaders in risk, real estate, engineering, operations, maintenance, sustainability and safety.

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Grounded in our unparrelled understanding of the priorities and challenges of function leaders, AI Applied will explore the real-world use cases for AI in the domains of risk, real estate, engineering, operations, maintenance, sustainability and safety.

AI for Environment, Health & Safety

AI is changing the way companies approach EHS. Verdantix research identifies the top AI EHS use cases, market trends, and leading vendors to help you improve safety, reduce costs, and achieve regulatory compliance.

AI for Asset Management and Operations

AI analytics are revolutionizing the industrial sector by applying cutting-edge software and hardware techniques to manage, automate and improve assets and processes. Verdantix research explores the key use cases, solutions and best practices for implementing industrial AI within your business.

AI for Risk Management

AI is being implemented across companies to streamline operations, including enterprise risk management. Verdantix research explores how AI can optimize these initiatives and the best practices for integrating AI solutions into existing workflows.

AI for ESG & Sustainability

AI solutions are transforming how companies approach ESG & Sustainability practices, particularly in tasks such as ESG reporting. Verdantix research explores how AI can support your evolving sustainability initiatives and highlights key vendors with innovative solutions.

AI for Net Zero

Both software vendors and consultancies are incorporating AI to support decarbonization challenges. Verdantix research explores existing and potential use cases, assesses vendors, and provides an overview of the current value AI can bring to your Net Zero initiatives.

AI for Real Estate

AI is being successfully deployed across all aspects of the built environment. Verdantix research provides a holistic view of the market, identifying key use cases and new applications to improve efficiency and productivity.


of firms wish to increase their usage of, or start to pilot AI for EHS in 2024​


of firms look for AI functionalities when looking for scope 3 data management solutions​​


of firms are using or plan to use AI to improve sustainability performance​


of firms are using or plan to use AI to support their facilities and real estate initiatives


Verdantix predicts the industrial AI Analytics software market to grow at a CAGR of 23.9% between 2023 and 2028​

Our research deliverables

Our expert team of analysts aim to deliver 20+ new reports per calendar year and host quarterly webinars focused on how AI can optimize your businesses risk, real estate, engineering, operations, maintenance, sustainability and safety initiatives. Verdantix keeps you up to date with the latest insights, market news and innovative solutions available on the market.

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How can Verdantix help?

Verdantix research supports corporate decision-makers, software and service vendor leadership teams, consultants and investors focused on the adoption and use of AI. Our clients use our robust and independent analysis to answer the questions that matter most to their organizations:

How can AI enhance my risk, real estate, engineering, operations, maintenance, sustainability or safety initiatives?

What are the key AI trends that will impact my organization and function – and how can I prepare for them?

How are my industry peers utilising AI within their business?

Which digital solutions and service providers will best help me to meet my business goals?

How should I focus investment to drive optimization and competitive advantage?

Looking for tailor-made advice for your organization

Our advisory team works with some of the world’s most innovative companies, supporting technology vendors, technology buyers and investors. By applying our expert subject matter expertise, strategic insight and practical knowledge of large-scale technology projects we help clients tackle their most pressing business challenges and deliver a unique consulting service that has a lasting impact.

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