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  • “The Verdantix HSE summit provided a useful platform for me to share our experience at Oldcastle Materials with our AWARE system which protects workers from work zone vehicle intrusion.”
    Lee Cole, VP Environmental, Health and Safety at Oldcastle Materials
  • “The Verdantix summit proved to be a unique gathering of HSE leaders sharing best practices on how to leverage a wide range of technologies to improve performance.”
    Robert Sheninger, Vice President – HSE at Talos Energy
  • “Panel debates and roundtable discussions at the Verdantix summit validated what leading companies are telling ERM about how new technologies can significantly enhance operational performance as they reframe EHS as a value creator rather than just a necessary cost.”
    Matt Haddon, Managing Partner at ERM
  • “The Verdantix HSE summit pulls together the most senior audience every year to share strategic views on how technology can deliver improved EHS and sustainability outcomes.”
    Mark Ward, General Manager at UL EHS Sustainability
  • “The Verdantix HSE summit provides a realistic assessment of the state of technologies in the market today. It’s squarely aimed at senior HSE leaders looking for hard facts on where the value is.”
    Kal Johnson, Director HSSE at Cameron LNG
  • “I enjoyed hearing from a wide range of speakers on panels and best practices workshops about the value they’re getting from EHS technologies and the challenges they have had to overcome.”
    Tanya Messinger, Lead EHS Digital Analyst at General Electric
  • “Participating in the panel debates and roundtable discussions at the Verdantix HSE summit helped me connect with my peer group and enhance my understanding of the potential for technology in Zachry’s safety program.”
    Steve Trickel, VP of Safety, Zachry Industrial
  • “Speaking at the Verdantix summit provided me with the opportunity to share my thoughts with vendors on how, through better listening, they can improve their engagement with large corporates’ HSE programmes; and ensure that they provide more effective customer support.”
    Kevin Furniss, Vice President, Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Sustainability at APM Terminals
  • “At the Verdantix summit I enjoyed sharing and discussing with other EH&S professionals the best practices from our own EH&S information management strategy at Johnson Controls.”
    Serge Everdepoel, Health and Safety Director at Johnson Controls
  • “The Verdantix summit provides a much-needed forum for HSE professionals and technology vendors to better understand how to work together and improve EHS outcomes.”
    Sean Cusack, VP Group Safety, Health & Environment at Cobham
  • “The Verdantix summit was successful in bringing together HSE leaders and technology executives to identify better ways to select and implement HSE technology systems.”
    Steve Dyson, Vice President - QEHS at NOKIA (ASN)
  • “The seniority of the speakers and the audience at the Verdantix EH&S summit differentiated the event and made it a valuable use of time.”
    Nicola Kimm, Head of Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety at Philips Lighting
  • “Technology innovation has a critical role to play in supporting better environmental outcomes and the Verdantix summit did a great job of bringing together the ecosystem.”
    Jonathan Foot, Chief Environmental Strategy & Compliance Officer at EDF ENERGY
  • “As a speaker at the Verdantix summit, I enjoyed the opportunity to share my perspectives on how the sustainability agenda is broadening to encompass new topics such as health, safety and well-being, all supported by new technology solutions which are enabling executives to better manage their environment and sustainability initiatives.”
    James Robey, Global Head of Corporate Sustainability at Capgemini
  • “The Verdantix summit is the only event where senior safety leaders discuss the strategic impact of people, process and technology on operational risk and operational excellence.”
    Davide Vassallo, Global Managing Director at DuPont Sustainable Solutions

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