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NEW YORK – March 27, 2017. Firms with site-level environmental compliance challenges relating to construction permits, pollution management and remediation should leverage the applications from seventeen smart innovators in the environmental data management (EDM) software market. This is the key finding of a new report from independent research firm Verdantix, which examines the capabilities and business benefits of EDM software.

New York – March 27, 2017. Independent analyst firm Verdantix believes Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) are the leading contenders for adoption when real estate managers need to consolidate their data and insights. Investors and owner occupiers, tenants and service providers need to keep a firm hand on capital planning, lease management, space planning and building operations management. “IWMS solutions are poised to play a significant role in the facility management world as they have the potential to be the premier platform to bring together all real estate, energy and facility information data under a single platform,” claims Rodolphe d’Arjuzon, Managing Director at Verdantix.

New York – March 14, 2017. In 2017, firms will spend $924m on software, content and services to ensure their products comply with environmental and safety regulations. The market will grow by 7% per annum to reach a value of $1.2bn in 2021. These are the findings of the third annual assessment of the global product stewardship solutions market by independent research firm Verdantix.

New York, February 1, 2017. Verdantix sees that new product launches, the convergence of traditional solutions, the race to develop practical IoT applications and a slew of M&A activity are radically shaking up the real estate, energy, and facilities landscape.

NEW YORK – January 16, 2017. EH&S executives seeking to improve their metrics in 2017 should build a technology plan which includes eleven innovative technologies such as in-vehicle monitoring systems, drones, beacons, sentinels, fatigue monitors, mobile apps and data analytics. This is the conclusion of a new report from independent research firm Verdantix reflecting a comprehensive analysis of innovative technologies targeted at the EH&S function.