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London – October 1, 2018. Independent research firm Verdantix has published a ground-breaking forecast for operational risk management software. Based on a survey of 221 managers at industrial assets and an analysis of 88 vendors’ revenues, the model predicts that the market will grow from $1.3bn in 2018 to $3.1bn in 2028 and $14.6bn in 2038. Compound annual growth will be a healthy 13%.

London – September 6, 2018. A new study by independent research firm Verdantix identifies 28 suppliers of smart building mobile apps targeting occupants as Smart Innovators in the smart buildings software market, currently worth nearly $5 billion. These mobile apps are designed to improve occupants’ engagement, productivity and wellbeing in buildings. The report reviews trends in product design, core usage scenarios and how mobile apps are likely to develop in tandem with the IoT technology trend and proliferation of smart buildings. Corporate executives responsible for real estate and facilities, asset managers and landlords should use the report to better understand how these apps have the potential to deliver value to building occupants in office, retail and healthcare environments. Vendors should use the report to develop strategies to maximize their traction in this fast-growing niche of the market.

London – August 28 2018. Independent research firm Verdantix published two buyers’ guides to help executives on the search for software to support their real estate, energy and facilities management processes. One report focuses on Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) while the second features software for managing energy and facility optimization. Individuals responsible for selecting, implementing and managing these solutions should use the guides as a tool to build a shortlist of vendors with applications that meet their requirements.

New York – August 22, 2018. A new study by independent research firm Verdantix identifies twenty-eight industrial wearables suppliers that EHS executives should target for pilot projects and broader roll outs. The study recommends that firms with innovative EHS strategies engage with wearables vendors because fifty-eight per cent of 221 managers surveyed by Verdantix believe industrial wearable technology will have a significant impact on operational risk management by 2020.

London–August 15, 2018. A survey conducted by independent research firm Verdantix has found that 40% of 221 operations managers at industrial firms believe digital technology is essential for operational risk management. The survey covers the 2019 budget plans, priorities and technology preferences of risk managers across chemicals, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, construction and transport.