Verdantix Says Product Stewardship Suppliers Who Enhance The Online Customer Experience Will Gain A Significant Competitive Advantage

New York, January 26, 2016. Faced with a bewildering range of alternative product stewardship suppliers, customers will switch to providers who deliver an enhanced online customer experience that leverages regulatory content, software tools and expertise. This is the main finding of a new study from independent research firm Verdantix which compares offerings from 36 providers including 3E Company, Actio, Anthesis, CGI, Enablon, Enhesa, ERM, Gensuite, IHS, Intelex, Intertek, Pure Strategies, Safetec, SAP, Sitehawk, thinkstep, UL The Wercs and VelocityEHS.

“The product stewardship market is incredibly confusing for buyers” commented Trevor Bronson, Verdantix Analyst. “EH&S managers responsible for complying with GHS rules, safety data sheets or REACH can outsource to a consultant, use an online content solution or combine their own expertise with commercial software. Our study now shows that forward thinking suppliers like 3E Company, Safetec and thinkstep have invested in online platforms that integrate compliance workflow, regulatory databases, behind the scenes experts and mobile apps to deliver a much improved online customer experience.”

The report, ‘Smart Innovators: Product Stewardship Solutions’ assesses the capabilities of 36 different suppliers to deliver solutions for 15 different product stewardship goals. Market growth of 10% to 15% is driven by stringent rules on chemicals management, more regulation of final product composition and increased media coverage of the negative implications of chemicals in products. As well as product compliance, activities, the product stewardship market also includes voluntary initiatives such as product life cycle assessment and eco-design.

“As financial investors reshape the EH&S information management market, the product stewardship vendors need to align with emerging trends” commented David Metcalfe, Verdantix CEO. “Specifically this means prioritizing investment in the user interface not just trumpeting regulatory expertise. Our research consistently shows that the user interface – not just EH&S process and regulatory expertise – is the driving force for purchase decisions. In the product stewardship market nobody has cracked the code on this yet but many vendors are asleep at the wheel.”

To learn more about the product stewardship market apply now to secure your seat at the forthcoming Verdantix webinar: ‘Product Stewardship: The Current State And Near Term Outlook’ on Thursday March 10, 2016.

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