Verdantix Identifies Thirty-Nine Smart Innovators In The Emerging Market For Worker Safety Technologies

NEW YORK – April 4, 2017. A surge of innovation has created a new range of digital worker safety technologies with huge potential to enhance safety performance, according to a new report from independent research firm Verdantix. The rise of mobile safety apps, data science techniques, drones, virtual reality systems and low cost internet of things (IoT) devices has propelled this new market. Tens of thousands of front line workers already use these technologies to improve safety in the workplace.

“For many years, corporations like Dow, Harley-Davidson and Shell have used software to improve safety, incident response and risk management” commented Trevor Bronson, Industry Analyst. “Now safety leaders tap into a rich vein of innovation beyond enterprise software. Tactical investments in mobile apps, wearables, beacons, wearables and drones deliver quick improvements in safety performance.”

The Verdantix report, “Smart Innovators: Worker Safety Technologies”, provides an overview of multiple technology categories:

• Mobile safety apps from NordSafety and SafetyCulture complement enterprise software with their mobile-centric functionality
• Worker condition monitoring IoT devices from Human Condition Safety and Kinetic remotely track a worker’s physical condition
• Smart Personal Protective Equipment from DAQRI and MYZONE consist of hard hats and vests with sensors that identify workplace hazards
• Safety beacons from ActiveBlu and Optech4D use Bluetooth networking to improve hazard communications through audible and visual alerts
• Virtual reality training from Human Condition Safety, Qinetiq and VR Safety moves safety training from instructor-led classes to immersive situations
• Drone managed services from 3D Robotics, Airware, ArchAerial, Cyberhawk, Drone Deploy and Flyability enable workers to perform high-risk inspections remotely

“Spending on worker safety technologies will grow rapidly over the next ten years” stated David Metcalfe, Verdantix CEO. “Upfront costs are low, the technologies can be deployed at site level for immediate benefit and the swelling ranks of millennials in the workforce will require new approaches to safety training and techniques. Our research clarifies the big potential for IoT safety devices to deliver significant improvements in safety metrics.”

To learn more about these innovative technologies register for the Verdantix Summit ‘Achieving EH&S Excellence With Innovative Technologies’ at the JW Marriott in Houston, May 16-17, 2017.

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