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Green Quadrant Energy Management Software (Global) 2011

Date: 06 December 2011

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 30 pages, 13 figures


This report provides a detailed benchmark of fifteen enterprise energy management software applications to help corporate buyers save time, reduce cost and mitigate risks in product and supplier selection. Based on the proprietary Verdantix Green Quadrant methodology, the analysis combines benchmark data from 15 live product demonstrations, responses to a 115 point questionnaire and interviews with an independent panel of 15 customers who have bought or are planning to buy energy management software. The study finds that four suppliers currently lead the enterprise energy management software market. When selecting an application, buyers should focus on the value delivered by the software and supporting energy services. Successful implementations match software that is designed for a specific energy domain, such as data centres, grocery retail or commercial offices, with the facilities owned by the customer. Many pre-existing energy management software applications do not have the product architecture to scale up to a global deployment — just 15 applications were selected for this study from a total of 60.


Software Plays A Starring Role As Firms Upgrade Energy Management

Firms Invest In Facility-Level Energy Software To Identify Cost Savings And Deliver Energy Reduction Targets
Buyers Move From Basic Energy Monitoring To More Advanced Energy Project Portfolio Management
Proof Of Value And Integration Capabilities Top Selection Criteria List
Purchase Preferences Do Not Point To Winners And Losers In The Energy Software Market

Green Quadrant® Methodology
Evaluated Firms: Selection Criteria
Evaluation Criteria For Energy Management Software
Four Suppliers Lead The Pack Due To A Strong Platform Of Energy Management
Functionality And Domain Specific Credentials
Nine Suppliers In The Specialists’ Quadrant Represent Established Veterans and Newer Entrants
Two Entrepreneurs Succeed Within More Targeted Commercial Strategies
Buyers Need To Consider Supplier Expertise And Facility Asset Types


Figure 1. The Three Phases Of Energy Management Software Market Development
Figure 2. Seven Energy Domains Shape Energy Management Software Requirements
Figure 3. Energy Data Management Complexity Evolves Along Two Dimensions
Figure 4. Ranking Of Business Drivers For Purchasing Energy Management Software
Figure 5. Priority Energy Management Initiatives Over The Next 12 Months
Figure 6. Functionality Requirements For Energy Management Software
Figure 7. Important Attributes Of Energy Management Software Suppliers
Figure 8. Preferences For Different Types Of Energy Software Suppliers
Figure 9-1. Capabilities Criteria For Energy Management Software
Figure 9-2. Capabilities Criteria For Energy Management Software (cont.)
Figure 10. Momentum Criteria For Energy Management Software Suppliers
Figure 11. Green Quadrant® Energy Management Software (Global)
Figure 12-1. Capability Scores For 15 Energy Management Software Suppliers
Figure 12-2. Capability Scores For 15 Energy Management Software Suppliers (cont.)
Figure 13. Momentum Scores For 15 Energy Management Software Suppliers


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