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IMServ Cracks The Energy Management Market For Small Sites

MSDSonline Acquires KMI To Target EH&S Software Market

Natural Capital Is A Catalyst For FEMSA’s Sustainability Strategy

This is one in a series of Verdantix reports that analyses software and energy services designed for a specific energy domain, such as data centres, retail stores or commercial offices. To hear more about IMServ’s Control 10 proposition for small premises, Verdantix interviewed James Graham, Hardware Product Manager at IMServ. The analysis finds that IMServ joins an increasing number of solution providers fighting to open up the energy management market for small and medium premises.

In August 2014 MSDSonline, the provider of cloud-based EH&S compliance solutions, announced its acquisition of KMI, the Canada-based EH&S software vendor. This reports helps both buyers of EH&S applications and EH&S software vendors understand the significance of the merger for the market. To learn more about how the move will affect KMI’s strategy going forward Verdantix spoke with KMI CEO Matt Airhart and MSDSonline CEO Glenn Trout. We find this deal will provide KMI with considerably more resources, justifying ambitious plans to drive penetration of its solution in the mid market.

To understand how firms exposed to natural capital risk are integrating natural capital into their sustainability strategy, Verdantix selected FEMSA, a $1.7 billion global food and beverage firm, for a case study. We interviewed senior members of FEMSA’s sustainability team and analysed data from corporate sustainability reports. Verdantix analysis finds that FEMSA has used water to organize its approach to natural capital. This strategy has evolved as a response to supply chain pressures and as a way for FEMSA to expand its sustainability strategy beyond initial easy successes.