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Independent Analyst Firm For Energy, EH&S & Sustainability Research

The energy services market is very broad, incorporating a wide range of quite distinct service lines. The number of different types of services included under this umbrella, as well as the affinity of energy with other disciplines, means there are suppliers from a broad range of backgrounds targeting the UK energy services market. This all works to create a very confusing marketplace for investors, competing suppliers and customers. This report aims to help investors better understand the evolving UK energy services market and directors of strategy within suppliers understand what is needed to achieve long-term success.

Oil prices fell to a six year low of below $50 per barrel in January 2015 and are expected to stay low throughout the year. There are serious ramifications for EH&S software suppliers as the oil and gas sector is their largest customer segment. The low oil price will curb new project activity and curtail software firms’ revenue growth in 2015. This report helps executives at EH&S software suppliers to understand how to adjust their go-to-market strategy in 2015 and 2016. Verdantix believes that EH&S software suppliers should consider switching their marketing efforts from oil and gas towards sectors benefiting from the lower oil price, target chemicals firms for enterprise-scale upgrades and look for opportunities in emerging economies.



This report provides heads of sustainability, EH&S directors and finance officers with an independent analysis of Holcim’s strategic thinking around Social and Environmental Profit and Loss accounting (SE P&L), as a tool to enhance sustainability decision-making. Headquartered in Switzerland, Holcim is a global building materials conglomerate with revenues of CHF 19.7 billion ($20.3 billion). In 2014, Holcim’s Indian subsidiary Ambuja Cements (which accounted for 7% of 2013 revenues) pioneered and published the first SE P&L analysis using KPMG’s True Value methodology.