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Independent Analyst Firm For Energy, EH&S & Sustainability Research

This report provides a detailed fact-based comparison of 10 of the largest providers of IT services for electric power utilities in North America. Based on the proprietary Verdantix Green Quadrant methodology, the analysis combines benchmark data from supplier interviews, responses to a 78-point questionnaire and interviews with a panel of 14 budget holders in the power utility sector. The study finds that IT solutions and services have a critical role to play in the utilities’ programmes to optimize grid management, drive automation across the organization, engage end customers and respond to increasing levels of distributed energy.

With the deadline for the transition to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals fast approaching in Canada and the United States, firms are under pressure to manage their chemical compliance activities. Firms also need to be aware of the complex chemicals regulatory landscape and increasingly stringent standards from the retail sector. IT services firm, CGI, has developed ProSteward360, a point solution for chemical and regulatory compliance. This report helps executives responsible for EH&S compliance at chemicals and manufacturing firms understand how CGI‘s ProSteward360 streamlines hazard communication and chemical compliance requirements.



Building a sustainable supply chain is a major endeavour because of challenges such as the fragmentation of suppliers under multiple jurisdictions, the costs involved in measuring and enforcing progress, and the global scope of manufacturing activities. This report helps decision makers in supply chain, procurement, corporate communications and sustainability roles to benchmark their sustainable supply chain strategy by analysing the approaches of 10 global telecommunications equipment firms with aggregate revenues of $388 billion. Verdantix analysis reveals that the level of corporate engagement with suppliers is a major differentiator among supply chain strategies. Approaches to supply chain engagement differ across businesses.