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IMServ Cracks The Energy Management Market For Small Sites

Intelex Ups The Ante On Mobile Data Capture For EH&S

Australia Sustainable Business Spending 2013-2018

This is one in a series of Verdantix reports that analyses software and energy services designed for a specific energy domain, such as data centres, retail stores or commercial offices. To hear more about IMServ’s Control 10 proposition for small premises, Verdantix interviewed James Graham, Hardware Product Manager at IMServ. The analysis finds that IMServ joins an increasing number of solution providers fighting to open up the energy management market for small and medium premises.

The development of mobile applications to help firms capture and report EH&S data has been an important innovation in the EH&S software market. This report helps Heads of EH&S, safety managers and those in risk roles understand the benefits of using mobile devices for reporting incidents, and undertaking audits and inspections. In our recent Green Quadrant benchmark of EH&S software suppliers, Intelex achieved a high score for mobile data capture. To learn more about the EverSync platform Intelex has developed for this capability, we spoke to VP, Global Marketing Kristy Sadler and Product Owner Brent Dubecki.

Verdantix Critical Moments is a globally scalable model that sizes, forecasts and describes the direction of sustainable business spending. This report, focused on the Australian market, provides business leaders in market-facing and corporate roles with an independent analysis of spending in Australia across 29 energy, EH&S and sustainability initiatives. Built from publicly disclosed 2013 revenue data from 225 corporates with revenues of more than $1 billion, the model finds that sustainable business spend will grow from $2.8 billion in 2013 to $3.5 billion in 2018.