UL Makes A Move Towards Integrated EHS Management With Its New PURE Platform

On January 26, 2017, UL, the US-headquartered EHS and sustainability software provider, launched the PURE platform, a SaaS offering which integrates a broad set of functionalities capable of supporting risk management and operational excellence to multiple stakeholders globally. The platform combines six modules across safety, health, learning, supply chain, sustainability and environment in a unified platform. UL already offers advanced data management tools which solve specific problems (such as Pure OHS), but this new offering allows UL to serve the enterprise as a whole, addressing a greater range of stakeholders from a single platform. According to UL, the release of this platform is in response to customer trends such as increasing market demand for more integrated health and safety, transparency within the supply, tools to make use of an increasingly connected business environment (c.f. Internet of Things trend) and more powerful (read predictive) analytics. “Our clients are asking for full transparency and visibility into all facets of their EHS and sustainability global initiatives, from employee safety to supply chain sourcing,” said UL EHS Sustainability GM Mark Ward. “It’s crucial to centralize information in order to mitigate risk and focus strategy.”

Verdantix finds that the value proposition of this solution is based on boosting stakeholder engagement and transparency across the enterprise via a centralized platform. For example, an EHS manager could use the platform for delivering workplace safety as part of his or her role, whilst being able to share the data and insights directly with sustainability and supply chain professionals who can leverage the information to influence safety performance in their day to day activities. Value is also derived from UL’s long history of operations within the life sciences space, as well as their prowess in learning management.

For UL, the launch of the PURE Platform represents its response to the market shift towards integrated enterprise software for EH&S management. UL’s approach aligns with what EH&S budget holders are seeking out – Verdantix interviews with fifteen global firms with greater than $500 million revenue finds 85% place significant emphasis on using an integrated platform covering all workflows (see Verdantix Green Quadrant EHS Software Global 2016). While the acquisition of cr360 in February, 2016 was UL’s first major step into this highly competitive market, the development of the PURE Platform demonstrates that UL continues to utilize its resources and institutional knowledge to move full steam ahead.