Trimble’s New Basis Software Reinvigorates Its Space Management Proposition

IWMS firm Trimble recently launched its new space management module Basis, which allows real estate executives to measure real-time utilization of their property portfolios. Basis adopts a ‘mixed fleet’ approach for data collection, as it can leverage a mixture of sensors and other indoor location technology. The module also integrates with Trimble’s IWMS platform Manhattan and its CAFM platform CenterStone, as well as its Space Scheduling module to provide end-users with comprehensive tools to plan, monitor, optimize and use space across their portfolio.

The space management software market is at an early stage of development – in our analysis of facilities optimization software it is transitioning from a launch phase to growth – making Trimble’s product release timely. As the infographic below indicates, space management is a high value proposition, as it offers crucial data real estate directors and facility managers need for decision making and effectively managing their portfolios. Example insights include: Which buildings are chronically under-utilized, and can I let go of them by reshuffling their occupants elsewhere within my portfolio? When is there peak usage of a building, and how do I cater for this? When is building usage at its lowest, so I can send in cleaning and maintenance staff to minimize disruption to business operations? Given how people are using the space what office layout elements could be optimized?

Tech Roadmap For Facilities Optimization Software

Basis’s focus on real-time data-driven insights aligns with the direction of the wider market. Witness Accruent partnering with specialist Serraview last year to offer clients the latter’s capability to measure utilization in real-time, and FM:Systems entering a similar partnership with CoWorkr in 2016. Other than large IWMS firms, there is a rich array of vendors also offering buyers real-time analytics. At the recent Work 2.0, for example, Verdantix met with start-up firm Locatee, which measures real-time usage via data sources like Wi-Fi connections, and offers a sped up time-lapse of this to help users visualize how occupants interact with their office space. Sony also promoted their wayfinding app Nimway, which updates users’ personalised information (such as meetings they should be attending) in real-time.

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