Serraview And Accruent Partnership Is Good News For Corporate Users Looking To Double Up On Real Estate Savings

This week Serraview and Accruent tied the knot in a strategic partnership that brings together the providers of a best of breed point solution for space management and an Integrated Workspace Management System (IWMS) solution.

This deal makes perfect sense. Serraview explicitly doesn’t want to broaden out of space management. But its space management tools are much more powerful than those typically found in IWMS solutions. 

While a lot of companies track the presence of employees by looking at who swipes in and out of buildings and calculating the occupancy ratio, this misses the fact that actual utilisation is considerably lower given flexible work arrangements, external meetings, and other types of absences. Serraview (and competitors such as Rifiniti) look to create a dynamic view of how office space is used based on existing datasets such as badge swipes, any occupancy sensors present (such as those for lighting), beacons and IP activity. The numbers are shocking for many heads of real estate – are the typical buildings they use really below 50% actual utilisation?

In Verdantix’s recent research we found that too many firms work very hard to generate quite small savings from their utility bills and don’t spend enough time looking at space consolidation and hot-desking strategies which are high return activities. So this deal putting together Accruent’s reach and scale with this type of powerful solution is good for the corporate end users who will be able to target a much higher potential savings pool. There is also a huge agenda around worker experience of a space, which, beyond the cost savings, is motivating a good deal of innovation in this area.

Why does this signal the future shape of the market? Clearly, IWMS solutions are the most obvious platform to consolidate all real estate and facilities management optimisation. But the depth of functionality is not always there given the wide scope these solutions target, which leaves the door open for best of breed point solutions to complement them. Thus, expect many more deals of this nature, acquisitions, and lots of new product launches.

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