IWMS Vendors Need To Rebuild Brand Awareness Following M&A And Global Expansion

The vendor landscape for integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) has changed significantly over the past two years because of numerous acquisitions, mergers and rebrands. Since Verdantix published the Green Quadrant benchmark on IWMS solutions in August 2017, nine of the 14 vendors included in the study have been involved in M&A deals. Recent transactions are Axxerion’s merger with CMMS vendor Plandatis and buildings software vendor Nemetschek Group acquiring MCS Solutions.

Given the rapid pace of change in the vendor landscape, we included a brand awareness question in our 2018 survey of 303 real estate and facilities leaders at organizations that occupy buildings. The survey shows established vendors IBM, FM:Systems, ARCHIBUS and Planon continue to hold high brand visibility globally with over 42% of respondents aware of their IWMS offerings. But this hides a high geographic variability. For example, the survey results show that Accruent, AssetWorks and iOFFICE achieve high brand awareness in North America.

What are the new insights for IWMS vendors? The survey reveals that nearly all vendors have uneven brand awareness across different regions. This means that IWMS vendors pursuing geographic expansion strategies need to work harder at building up awareness of their brand globally. Another finding was that vendors that have recently acquired IWMS capabilities via acquisitions need to continually educate buyers while they implement post-M&A rebrands. For example, in our survey 85% of interviewees told us they are not aware of the IWMS capabilities provided by MRI, which acquired Qube Global Software in 2017.

For more detailed insights on real estate and facilities leaders’ perception of IWMS brands, read our report Smart Building Technology Global Survey 2018: IWMS Brands.

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