Innovation Roars Ahead In The Mid-Market For Real Estate Software As Yardi Launches Breeze

On February 20, 2018 Yardi announced the launch of Yardi Breeze, a new software platform designed for property owners and operators with portfolios of less than 1,000 units. The solution was built in house by Yardi specifically to meet the needs of individuals or small companies that seek out simpler property management software solutions that can be installed in just a few hours. Yardi Breeze will become Yardi’s primary product for small to mid-sized buyers, taking over from Yardi Genesis2 which targets the same sector.

Yardi joins other real estate software vendors investing to make their products more competitive for the mid-market. While Yardi previously served the mid-market by offering a simplified version of its Yardi Voyager product, the new Yardi Breeze product is specially designed for the needs and resources of small buyers. As Verdantix saw during a software demo, the very simple user interface alleviates the need for systems training. It also means that Yardi can carefully grow the functionality of Yardi Breeze over time in response to customer needs and avoid the challenges of positioning feature-rich solutions to buyers with simple requirements. This lesson has played out multiple times across different software sectors – witness of the growth of Intuit accounting software in the small company segment.

As the large real estate and IWMS software vendors target smaller-sized buyers they need to make strategic decisions on what route to take to develop a competitive software product. Another promising strategy is to acquire a vendor that already focuses on the mid-market. Just last week Verdantix covered IWMS vendor Planon’s acquisition of the CAFM product conjectFM to make it more competitive for meeting the needs of smaller-sized customers.

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