EtQ Pushes Forward with Growth Plans for EH&S and Cloud Offerings

For long a prominent player in the compliance and quality management software market EtQ has renewed its commitment to offer broader environment, health, safety and sustainability capabilities building on success in areas like food and aviation safety. Leveraging the flexible, business process management platform which lies at the heart of EtQ’s success since its founding in 1994, the firm is also pushing forward with a technology innovation agenda focused on mobile and cloud offerings. To hear more on the current strategy Verdantix attended the EtQ user conference and met with Co-Founder and CEO Glenn McCarty and Co-Founder and CTO Morgan Palmer.

EtQ is being pulled by customers who own both quality and EH&S responsibilities to satisfy more of their requirements with the Reliance platform. For a Director of QEHS who has trained his team to use the document management, user interface, audit workflow, configuration tools and system admin on Reliance for quality, adding new capabilities for health and safety makes perfect sense. Whilst customers can configure many EH&S workflows themselves, they typically want their software vendors to deliver best practice templates that tie back to regulatory requirements. That’s why EtQ is prioritizing regulatory task management for product development in 2016 and early 2017. Without a doubt the Reliance platform has the flexibility and scalability to deliver.

Looking more broadly, EtQ’s cloud versions of the Reliance platform for mid-market firms (Verse) and for SMBs (Traqpath) positions them as one of the early entrants into these market segments which require lower costs and less customization. Given that 85% of enterprise customers have deployed Reliance on premise it makes sense for EtQ to launch entirely separate offerings for more cost conscious buyers. In the October 2016 survey of 301 EH&S senior managers by Verdantix, 32% preferred to have their EH&S software installed on servers in their firm’s data centre and just 1% preferred multi-tenant cloud deployment on Amazon or Microsoft servers. EtQ needs to continue to offer on premise deployment for enterprise customers for the foreseeable future.

EtQ has the critical mass in terms of customer numbers, employees and revenues as well as the software engineering talent to succeed in the EH&S information management market. Quickly delivering a broad range of EH&S capabilities in 2017 and striking meaningful partnerships will be essential if they are to achieve a top five market share position in the next 3 years.

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