EH&S Software Vendors Should Upgrade Their User Interface Every Year

Given the pace of change in digital technology and the consumerization of corporate IT, all tech vendors need to be paranoid about their user interface getting outdated. In a market as competitive as the EH&S software market, with more than 20 enterprise apps vying for customer attention, only a crazy product manager would ignore the number one driver of customers’ buying decisions: the quality of the user interface. The Verdantix survey data below could not be clearer.
But how many vendors do commit to annual updates of their user interface? Not many according to our recent review of product demonstrations from 2016, 2015 and 2014. In fact, we found that only 20% of vendors invest in a meaningful user interface upgrade every year and 25% only undertake the task every four years. Since target customers in EH&S roles have minimal understanding of technical product performance, their buying decisions are more heavily influenced by visual qualities – drag and drop interfaces, funky safety icons, bow-tie diagrams and slick mobile apps.

We recommend vendors bite the bullet and factor in an annual user interface upgrade. This becomes an even bigger priority for vendors who have acquired other applications. The UL EHS Sustainability PURE platform is a good example of what needs to be done to rationalize two or more applications and present them in a way which is engaging and simple for users.

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