Advances In Space Management Can Help Organizations To Tap Into New Facility Savings

While utilities and maintenance costs are very visible and often considered the first line of attack, space management should be prioritised as a way to achieve significant facility cost savings. The simple economics of building OPEX means that better management of existing space is one of the highest return activities for a building owner or lessee with potential savings of up to 30% of OPEX costs. Better space management is not only about the consolidation or disposal of vacant real estate. Vacant areas are easy to identify and dispose of or sublet, however there are several subtleties to better space management when it comes to identifying and addressing underutilized spaces.

Space utilization analysis can enable firms to develop alternative workplace strategies to get the most use and cost savings out of work areas. Niche space management firms, such as Collectiveview, Serraview and Rifinity, and IWMS providers like Planon, Qube Global, SWG and Trimble provide solutions that help clients to develop work place strategies such as hot-desking. Hot-desking strategies rely on altering the proportion of workspaces to employees, resulting in less dedicated workspaces enabled by the increased use of mobile technologies by employees. The technology is getting stronger by the year: vendors such as Rifinity use machine learning algorithms to mine existing organizational data sources to provide clients with a real-time view of space usage without the need to retrofit lots of occupancy sensors.

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