Selecting An Innovative Space Management Solution To Unlock Your Building’s Full Potential

Over the next three years, 85% of the real estate executives in the Verdantix global survey deem maximizing space utilization either a very important or important factor in shaping their real estate strategy. With space management so high up on the corporate agenda, what is the role of a new generation of technologies in solving this pressing business issue?

This webinar will draw on the latest Verdantix research and insights gathered through briefings with senior executives to outline how current space management and workplace solution product innovations will shape the future of a space management market brimming with growth potential. It will address some of the conundrums yet to be solved, such as: how useful will the Internet of Things be in optimizing workplaces? Can you prove a link between office design and wellbeing? Where does activity-based working fit in this story?

Heads of real estate, facility managers, technology vendors and real estate asset managers should attend this webinar to understand the key questions they should be asking when thinking about space management and workplace solutions.

Thursday, April 19, 2018
4:00 pm British Time
11:00 am Eastern Standard Time
8:00 am Pacific Standard Time

Verdantix Knowledge Services clients can access a recording of the webinar here.

 Presented by: Rodolphe d'Arjuzon, Managing DirectorVerdantix

Rodolphe Webinar

Rodolphe is one of the founding directors of Verdantix. Over the last ten years he has led the firm’s research and analysis team to help senior executives, change leaders and entrepreneurs resolve their energy, EHS and sustainability challenges. He currently focuses on technologies for real estate, energy management and facilities optimization. His advice supports the strategic and commercial decisions of executives in firms ranging from the largest multinationals to domestic utilities to smaller innovative technology firms. Contact Rodoolphe This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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