Our methodologies have been carefully chosen to maximise the usability of our content to achieve tangible, high-impact results; while delivering consistent analysis of our data and insights in actionable ways.

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Best Practices

Qualitative research on best practices for a specific set of processes or areas of business activity which helps managers benchmark and improve performance.

Buyer's Guide

Comprehensive analysis of all suppliers in a market segment to provide buyers with the information required to target a best-fit shortlist of vendors.

Case Study

Qualitative analysis of technology vendors and priorities in a specific market segment.

Global Survey

Phone interviews with corporate executives & senior managers decision-making responsible for selecting, testing, piloting and rolling out software and innovation.

Green Quadrant

Benchmark of comparable suppliers in a market segment including interviews with executives, interviews with 15 customers, and a 100 criteria or more assessment.

Market Insight

Qualitative assessment of market updates, opportunities, innovations, viewpoints and unique practices.

Market Overview

Independent market assessment of the key trends, offerings and priorities, and how suppliers are meeting emerging corporate demands to help guide your digital building technology strategy.

Market Size & Forecast

Quantitative analysis of the size of a market and its growth prospects for the next 5 years based on survey data and a forecast model.

Smart Innovators

Qualitative analysis of an emerging group of suppliers providing a definition of the market, categorization of suppliers, and explanation of customer needs.

Strategic Focus

Qualitative review of developing issues and a recommended approach for tracking it, and aligning organizational resources.

Tech Roadmap

A fact-based assessment of the maturity, innovation, future prospects, business values and risks related to specific technologies with global relevance.

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Through our research we help corporate executives, investors, technology executives and services firm leaders to make robust, fact-based decisions. We are committed to delivering objective, timely, and accurate analysis to help our clients succeed.

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