Verdantix Says Getting Value From BIM In The M&O Phase Of A Building’s Lifecycle Is Tantalisingly Close

London, February 2020. Independent research firm Verdantix finds that BIM systems will bring considerable value in building management and operations (M&O), but it’s proving hard to access. Whilst BIM, from firms such as Autodesk, Nemetschek Group and Trimble, is gaining major traction in the design and pre-construction phases of a building, the next frontier is how to get value in the M&O phase of the lifecycle.

Verdantix expects the fastest developments to happen in the commercial real estate market, where developers that rent buildings where they invested in a BIM for the design have an opportunity to test multiple usage scenarios.

“We found that there are numerous sources of value for many stakeholders during the maintain and operate part of the lifecycle. But there are also major hurdles in the way” commented Verdantix Head of Smart Building Technologies Research, Rodolphe d’Arjuzon. “Our research has investigated and compiled the emerging best practices to guide corporate executives onto the right path to success.”

Key findings of the Verdantix report, Best Practices: Extending The Value Of BIM Through The Building Lifecycle :

BIM can have a clear positive impact at all stages of the building cycle after construction, and facility management teams should leverage BIM to boost worker efficiency and ease laborious tasks.

Planning ahead is key to unlocking value. FM teams need to be brought in at the development stage to specify how they will use the model down the line. A comprehensive handover with all stakeholders is a critical moment which is often missed.

A major barrier to using BIM during M&O is a mismatch of incentives; typically the people who benefit from the BIM are not the people who pay for the BIM.

Another challenge is the lack of single-use case in M&O that justifies the investment. Given that it’s hard to calculate the return-on-investment for a new BIM model for M&O, building owners can struggle to rationalize the investment in BIM beyond the design and construction phases of a building. Only a better appreciation for the range of benefits the BIM can bring, and a prioritising of use cases and process improvements can close this gap.

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