Verdantix Expands Operational Risk Research Coverage To Include Full Scope Of Operational Excellence Technology Requirements

London – August 5, 2019. Independent research firm Verdantix has announced that it will be expanding their Operational Risk coverage to encompass the growing requirements for Operational Excellence technologies which enhance asset reliability, worker health and operational safety. Research coverage includes best practice studies, a global survey of more than 250 operations managers and a comprehensive independent assessment of operational excellence technology vendors as well as service providers.

“49% of senior operations executives stated that the availability of new digital technology is the most significant reason for them to invest in operational excellence initiatives. Over the next two years, we expect to see firms looking to digital innovations, such as digital twins, sensors and connected worker platforms, in order to drive improvements across the business” commented David Metcalfe, CEO and Operational Excellence Research Director. “With a rising number of digital solutions available on the market, our expansive coverage reflects the market’s need for reliable information to inform their organizational strategy and reduce operational risk.”

Verdantix Operational Excellence research is designed for operations, safety and asset reliability managers in large corporations seeking to improve the effectiveness of operational excellence programmes through the use of innovative technologies. The research also serves the needs of C-level executives at vendors who need to keep track of the competitive environment, get insight into buyer preferences, identify acquisition opportunities and make product investment decisions on the basis of reliable market data.

Technology solutions that will be covered within Operational Excellence research includes:

  • Digital twin simulations of plants/facilities
  • Predictive analytics for asset failure
  • Connected worker platform
  • Wearable digital devices for H&S
  • Digital sensors for remote monitoring
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles for inspections
  • Mobile devices for inspection rounds
  • Robotics for production processes
  • 3D visualization of asset performance

Research will cover top-priority business issues including, safe operations, asset reliability, worker health protection, environment risk mitigation, process excellence, performance measurement, leadership accountability and management of change.

Operations, safety and asset reliability executives can access Verdantix Operational Excellence research with an annual subscription, available at https://research.verdantix.com/subscriptions

Verdantix will host their ninth HSE and Operational Excellence Innovation Summit Europe in London, March 2-4 2020. Find out more and register at https://events.verdantix.com/stay-connected-hse-europe/

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