Verdantix Buyer's Guide Reveals The 21 Most Prominent Specialist Space And Workplace Software Solutions

London, January 8, 2021 – Independent research firm Verdantix has released its buyer’s guide for space and workplace management software, which provides an up-to-date analysis of the 21 most prominent specialist solutions available on the market today. The ongoing pandemic has dramatically increased demand for employee-facing apps that enhance the workplace experience and new tools to support COVID-19 safety. Reflecting buyer interest in specialist software and best-of-breed solutions, the buyer’s guide focuses on specialist space and workplace vendors such as Comfy, Mapiq, Schneider Electric, SiQ and Spica Technologies.

“Over the past three years, space and workplace management has rapidly risen to the top of the corporate real estate agenda, as occupiers become increasingly alert to space inefficiencies and look to enable an agile workplace,” commented Verdantix Industry Analyst, Ibrahim Yate. “To drive the smarter usage of space, firms are implementing a range of technology solutions, including sensors, smart keys, meeting room panels, workplace kiosks, as well as space planning software.”

Key findings of the Buyer’s Guide: Space And Workplace Management Software (2021) report:

  • Accruent, SpaceIQ (Serraview), OfficeSpace Software and Rapal have developed the broadest space and workplace management platforms with functionality for space planning, space tracking and employee experience.
  • One of the key drivers for firms rolling out space and workplace software is to help them implement space efficiency programmes and provide space booking tools to workers in an agile environment.
  • Only a few vendors, such as EMS Software (part of Accruent) and Lone Rooftop, have developed extensive industry-specific space management capabilities.
  • Beyond space and workplace specialist vendors, buyers should extend their search to vendors of IWMS, IoT platforms and workplace apps.

“COVID-19 is accelerating the trend towards agile offices,” continued Yate. “This is strongly reflected in vendor’s product updates, who are shaping their solutions to focus on improving the employee experience, whether that is whilst they are working on-site or remotely.”

SB Verdantix Buyers Guide Reveals The 21 Most Prominent Specialist Space And Workplace Software Solutions Verdantix Press Release

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