Verdantix Benchmark Reveals The 13 Leaders In Enterprise Carbon Management

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  • Carbon management software vendors are striving to translate the diverse needs of buyers into scalable software solutions, offering a variety of innovative propositions.
  • Customers are shifting their priorities from measurement and reporting to actual emission reductions.

Verdantix Benchmark Reveals The 13 Leaders In Enterprise Carbon Management

London, UK. The enterprise carbon management software market is experiencing significant growth, driven by buyers' voluntary and regulatory commitments to carbon emissions reporting and decarbonization. According to a new benchmark report of the 19 most prominent enterprise carbon management software vendors by independent research firm Verdantix, the carbon management software vendor landscape is innovating to meet these needs, influenced by regulatory pressures, evolving stakeholder expectations, industry-specific needs and technological advances.

Navigating this competitive environment, carbon management software vendors are faced with the challenge of deciding whether to provide broad solutions that allow for a larger target market or deliver tailored solutions for specific industries and segments.

Among the software vendors featured in this Green Quadrant, 13 firms – Benchmark Gensuite, Cority, IBM/Envizi, Microsoft, Persefoni, Salesforce, Schneider Electric, Sphera, Sweep, UL Solutions, Velocity EHS, Watershed and Wolters Kluwer Enablon – demonstrated leading carbon management software capabilities.

The report, Green Quadrant: Enterprise Carbon Management Software 2023, provides valuable insights for sustainability and climate executives seeking to implement solutions to support their efforts in achieving net zero commitments. Key findings:

  • Industry-specific datasets and collaborations are pivotal in carbon management, as each industry has a unique emissions profile and decarbonization challenges. Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Resource Advisor is notable for its strength in integrating with energy-efficient building strategies, whilst Watershed specializes in financed emissions.

  • Organizations are looking for advanced net zero programme management tools with standardized formats, to aid in managing and tracking a wide array of decarbonization projects and initiatives and across departments. Tools that allow for the creation and analysis of custom decarbonization scenarios, such as Benchmark Gensuite, Cority, Enablon and Persefoni , provide data-driven insights and help climate leaders evaluate potential outcomes.

  • Vendors are leveraging AI for enhanced insights in order to improve data precision, anomaly detection and predictive modelling. For example, Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud integrates Einstein Analytics for predictive modelling to enhance carbon management strategies.

  • Increased focus on Scope 3 emissions has led to vendors developing enhanced functionality to address the complexities of indirect emissions, such as purchased goods and services. Firms including IBM/Envizi, Sphera, Sweep and Watershed have demonstrated success in this space.


The landscape of enterprise carbon management software is witnessing significant growth and transformation, fuelled by both voluntary and regulatory carbon emissions commitments. As vendors navigate regulatory pressures, stakeholder expectations and technological advances, the market presents a number of challenges and opportunities,” commented Adam Barnard, Principal Analyst, Verdantix. “With major players like Microsoft, SAP and Salesforce entering the arena, and a surge of new entrants securing over $240 million in funding, achieving optimal market share requires striking a balance between offering an all-encompassing solution and a highly tailored solution for niche markets.”

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