Verdantix Benchmark Highlights Five Leaders In Workplace Systems Integration

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The workplace systems integration market is expected to be further shaped by the acceleration of decarbonization, hybrid working and employee experience programmes.

Verdantix Benchmark Highlights Five Leaders In Workplace Systems Integration

London, UK. Workplace strategies have been transformed by post COVID-19 return to work trends, hybrid working programmes and firms rethinking the role of the office. The pivotal stakeholders involved in workplace decisions have now expanded to include C-Level executives and new roles, such as the Head of Workplace Experience. In this dynamic environment, workplace systems integrators have emerged as key players, facilitating the deployment of technology solutions that enhance staff productivity, workplace engagement and building operations efficiency.

To support buyers in this period of rapid change, Verdantix, a leading independent research and advisory firm, has published a comprehensive benchmark report that provides a detailed comparison of the most prominent workplace systems integrators in the market. The report reveals that the five providers leading the market – Accenture, Cognizant, Deloitte, EY and JLL – offer comprehensive systems integration services that enable their customers to get value from multiple technologies.

The report, Green Quadrant: Workplace Systems Integrators 2023, provides valuable insights for real estate executives and landlords seeking to enhance workplace productivity, employee experience and building efficiency. Key findings:

  • The leaders in the market provide services that help customers address old and emerging challenges, such as integrating technologies to address hybrid working, employee experiences and decarbonization programmes.
  • Customers are looking for systems integrators that can present compelling business cases and complex technical details to C-Level and senior executives within their firm, valuing providers whose staff align with their corporate culture.
  • Customers aim to establish long-term partnerships with service providers rather than one-time engagements. The report highlights the significance of ongoing support services and engagement, with clients benefitting from insights into emerging technologies and strategic guidance beyond traditional technical assistance.
  • Systems integrators are investing in their capabilities to meet client demand for services across energy and decarbonization programmes, data management and analysis, employee engagement, and workplace strategies.
  • Systems integrators should be equipped to provide industry-specific customer references. This attribute holds particular importance for sectors such as healthcare and the public sector, characterized by intricate regulations and procurement processes. Clients seeking industry-specific customization expect integrators to understand their unique needs and usage of technology solutions.


"In a landscape characterized by the convergence of technology ecosystems and fragmented solutions, coupled with an urgent sustainability agenda and the evolving demands of hybrid work models, it's clear that systems integrators play a pivotal role in shaping the future of work,” commented Joy Trinquet, Senior Analyst at Verdantix. “Over the next few years we expect that vendors will deliver continued innovation, strategic partnerships and increased focus on delivering value to clients, ensuring that the workplace of tomorrow is both efficient and enriching for employees."

For more information, join the webinar Workplace Systems Integrators: Accelerate Your Provider Selection Process on September 21.

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