Verdantix Buyer’s Guide For Digital EHS Training: Selecting The Right Tool To Upskill Your Employees

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Verdantix Buyer’s Guide For Digital EHS Training: Selecting The Right Tool To Upskill Your Employees

The Verdantix Buyer’s Guide: EHS Training Solutions 2022 has been released, covering 10 prominent vendors with offerings that support firms in delivering and tracking the completion of safety training across their organizations. Alongside the collection of detailed questionnaires from participating vendors, the research process included previous interview insights from research initiatives such as the Verdantix Green Quadrant: EHS Software 2023 and Best Practices: Adopting Digital Technologies For EHS Training. The report gives potential buyers a detailed overview of prominent digital EHS training offerings, providing insights into training content specialities, customized content, different deployment options and learning management system (LMS) functionality. Verdantix analysis reveals vendors in the EHS learning space are diversifying by expanding the breadth of their content portfolios, making their training more accessible, and deploying increasingly interactive and engaging content. Bearing this in mind, what should prospective buyers consider when selecting a new digital EHS training provider?

Potential buyers should evaluate the vendor’s course catalogues, which are the standout differentiator between providers, against their own specific training requirements. Vendor offerings range from generic health and safety libraries to specialist course sets geared towards particular industries, regional regulations or employee competencies. For example, HSI’s training library contains 6,500 courses ranging across the entire gamut of health and safety topics, whilst RelyOn Nutec’s offering has far more specialization for oil and gas clients. Although buyers should assess any potential training vendor’s course library for alignment, a complete match is not essential, as the majority of providers offer configurable content or tailored course creation services to fill the gaps in client requirements.

Consolidating content delivery, scheduling and tracking within a single provider is an attractive option for customers. All EHS training vendors provide LMSs to accurately distribute and monitor training across client operations. Buyers can expect most solutions to support scheduling, deployment, completion tracking and performance analysis functionality, in addition to strong API layers to enable the integration of any necessary external training material. Verdantix has seen vendors focus on automation and analytical functionality to differentiate their offering amongst competitors. Witness RelyOn Nutec, which uses inbuilt formative assessments – in the form of questions or activities – to collect data on employee competency that it can feed into its AI-driven adaptive learning functionality. This feature optimizes microlearning content delivery for specific learners, targeting content they have likely forgotten.

The last major selling point in which vendors have invested heavily is innovative content delivery. Ranging from interactive game-based content to immersive virtual reality (VR) training scenarios, providers have leveraged the length and breadth of available technology to make their learning courses more engaging and impactful. Take training specialist Play IT, which offers a user experience akin to a role-playing video game. With these options available, firms can roll out more engaging content across employee bases that often are disinterested in completing safety training.

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Tom Brown

Industry Analyst

Tom is an Industry Analyst in the Verdantix EHS practice. His current research agenda focuses on technology mega-trends, EHS software, and sustainability. Tom joined Verdantix after graduating from the University of Nottingham with a M.Eng. in Chemical Engineering, with particular focus on Process Simulation and environmental sustainability.