Software Buyers Today Can Use The Introduction Of Connected Portfolio Intelligence Platforms To Challenge Vendor Technology Roadmaps

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Software Buyers Today Can Use The Introduction Of Connected Portfolio Intelligence Platforms To Challenge Vendor Technology Roadmaps

In May 2022, Verdantix introduced a new software category – Connected Portfolio Intelligence Platforms (CPIP) – in response to the profound changes across the old Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) market, and to capture the next generation of solutions. What does the introduction of CPIP mean for customers? In this blog, we will dive into the implications of CPIP for software buyers and how this new software category affects them.

In the immediate present, the change from IWMS to CPIP category has no direct effect on customers. However, the longer-term development of CPIP will deliver open solutions that can easily integrate with third-party solutions and data clouds from smart building devices. Firms will be able to combine real-time data with business rules to enable smarter workflows and automation such as cleaning a desk when a sensor identifies that it has been recently vacated. CPIP solutions will have a broad set of modules to help firms enhance the performance of buildings across portfolio management, operations, and employee experience. This means CPIP solutions will provide customers with greater flexibility and scalability through modern platform architectures and cloud-deployments.

Verdantix interviews with software buyers have revealed that buyers take the long-term viability of vendors and future solution innovation plans into consideration when evaluating software providers to help mitigate concerns about technology risks. Software buyers today should leverage Verdantix research on CPIP to challenge existing software providers and new entrants on innovation, technology roadmaps, and market outlook. For the past 10 years, various market commentators and buyers have proclaimed that IWMS is dead with firms still conceptualizing IWMS as an on-premise, heavily customized solution that is expensive to implement. Firms can leverage the long-term outlook of CPIP to question software providers on plans and strategy to evolve into CPIP suppliers such as proper integration between modules, plans to incorporate advanced analytics into solutions and integrate with smart building OT layers and IoT data clouds.

To learn more about the evolution of IWMS into CPIP solutions, read the Verdantix report Market Insight: The Transformation Of IWMS To Connected Portfolio Intelligence Platforms (CPIP).

Joy Trinquet

Industry Analyst

Joy is an Industry Analyst in the Verdantix Smart Buildings practice. Her current research agenda focuses on building digital twins, BIM for operations, smart building systems integration as well as architecture, engineering and construction software. Joy joined Verdantix in 2019, and previously worked at BNP Paribas Asset Management. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics with a concentration in policy as well as dual minors in computer science and business studies from New York University.