Sleeping EAM Software Giants Wake Up To The Operational Risk Management Software Market Opportunity

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Sleeping EAM Software Giants Wake Up To The Operational Risk Management Software Market Opportunity

In 2018, Verdantix identified enterprise asset management (EAM) software vendors as the sleeping giants of the operational risk management (ORM) software market and predicted their expansion in the area. In 2021, this trend is at full throttle with the inclusion of core operational risk management capabilities such as permit to work and incident management into EAM software offerings. Infor EAM, acquired by Hexagon in 2021, includes permit to work and incident management capabilities as part of its EAM software offering. DevonWay, a US-headquartered vendor, launched its EAM software solution in 2005, and expanded into EHS and quality management markets. DevonWay now sells a unified platform for both capability sets. The inclusion of ORM capabilities within EAM software has developed to enable operations and maintenance managers to have a single interface and set of workflows to ensure asset maintenance activities are carried out by frontline workers safely and efficiently.

This convergence of functionality for safety, risk and asset management has been ongoing for the last several years. While EAM software vendors are expanding software functionality to include ORM capabilities, process safety management software vendors are combining industrial asset management functionality such as asset health monitoring and failure prediction with worker safety to enhance their offerings. This convergence is also driving M&A activity. In June 2019, Industrial Scientific, an 800-employee US-headquartered firm owned by the Fortive Group, acquired Intelex, an EHS software vendor, to combine Industrial Scientific’s hazardous gas detection products with Intelex’s EHSQ software platform and create a real-time risk management platform. Prometheus Group, a maintenance work management software provider owned by private equity firm Genstar, acquired Engica, a control of work software provider, in October 2019, to seamlessly integrate permit to work into maintenance management workflows. These acquisitions are now showing results meeting a crucial customer need to gain a single view into asset and worker risks.

In the past technological barriers have held back the expansion of EAM software into the ORM market. In the Verdantix 2019 survey, 85% of the operations, maintenance, engineering and process safety executives agreed that fragmentation of IT systems made the implementation of a single platform for asset performance management impossible. This has now changed, with the explosion of innovative data management solutions such as data fabric and DataOps platforms that enable integration and orchestration of data across multiple enterprise, IT, and industrial systems. With this barrier declining, EAM software vendors can integrate worker safety data from EHS systems, with asset time series data from IIoT devices and historians, alongside digital work orders to gain unprecedented insights into production bottlenecks and risks to industrial facilities. The sleeping EAM software giants are now waking up to the operational risk management market opportunity.

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Sebastian Winter

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Sebastian is an Industry Analyst in the Verdantix Operational Excellence practice. His research agenda covers digital twins for industrial facilities, asset management software, and connected worker platforms. Sebastian also delivers market strategy, voice of the customer, thought leadership, CDD, and digital strategy advisory pieces. Prior to joining Verdantix, Sebastian worked for Trucost, a division of S&P Global, and held positions in China, Brunei and Kenya. Sebastian holds an MSc Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.