PointGuard’s Airflow Analysis Tool Responds To The Growing Demand For Healthier Air In Buildings

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PointGuard’s Airflow Analysis Tool Responds To The Growing Demand For Healthier Air In Buildings

With growing evidence of the airborne transmission of COVID-19, building managers are increasingly focusing their COVID-19 strategies on the optimization of HVAC systems and airflows. An airborne virus will behave rather like a gas, travelling through the air for longer distances, potentially contaminating surfaces and HVAC systems. Whilst the WHO has not yet confirmed COVID-19 is airborne, in July 2020, it acknowledged the growing evidence base and is running further research.

Building managers looking to improve the management of HVAC systems and airflow have a growing number of technology solutions to explore. Notably, building IoT platform vendor PointGuard launched an ‘Airflow Hygiene’ software module that provides air quality monitoring in line with ASHRAE COVID-19 response guidelines. The Airflow Hygiene module produces a report highlighting fresh air exchange, average humidity against ASHRAE guidelines and a ranking of air turnover rate. PointGuard is offering firms the option to trial this product as part of its PointGuard Snapshot offering for 30 days, at the cost of approximately $1,000 and it can be set up remotely. This tool would provide value to buildings managers looking to get a quick view into the air quality of their buildings and key improvement opportunities to pursue.

Other smart building technology vendors are also launching propositions for tracking air quality. For example, Spica Technologies and Fabriq have been integrating their platforms with air quality sensors, to increase the accuracy and depth to which their IoT platforms can monitor air quality. Facilio has launched new functionality for automatic work order creation if poor air quality levels are registered.  

Forward-thinking facility managers should act now to revisit building ventilation strategies, so they can successfully minimize transmission risks as buildings re-open following lockdown. To learn more about best practices for re-opening buildings during COVID-19, register and attend our event Smarter & Safer Workplaces on October 7th.

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