IsoMetrix Launches ESG Solution To Manage And Report ESG & Sustainability Performance

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IsoMetrix Launches ESG Solution To Manage And Report ESG & Sustainability Performance

IsoMetrix, an ESG, EHS and GRC software provider with offices in London, Canada, UK, Australia and South Africa, has launched the new IsoMetrix Lumina for ESG management, a cloud-based software solution to manage, trace and report firms’ ESG and sustainability performance.

Firms increasing their focus on ESG and sustainability often struggle to find the right data to understand their ESG impact. Poor data accessibility, visualisation and management lead to misallocating resources, exposing firms to regulatory risks and higher costs. To solve this problem, IsoMetrix's new ESG product offers an integrated tool for data management, which can help firms collect, report and monitor performance on key ESG issues such as diversity and inclusion. With the ESG functionality, IsoMetrix enhances its product offering by providing firms with smart data collection and analytics that reduce the time and costs of ESG data gathering. Moreover, firms can also obtain key insights into their sustainability impact through carbon footprint calculations, data visualization tools, and access to specialised ESG advisory partners. 

By improving data visibility and analysis, companies can integrate ESG issues across all business functions, allowing them to meet regulators, investors, and stakeholders' expectations and ensure successful ESG. However, ESG data dispersity and complexity is the most significant barrier to improving ESG and sustainability information (see Verdantix Global ESG and Sustainability Governance, Budgets and Priorities Survey 2021). For firms operating in specific industry verticals, selecting a firm with strong EHS such as IsoMetrix may be the ticket to ESG success. 

Solutions such as IsoMetrix Lumina ESG application will be essential to provide the investor-grade information needed to enhance due diligence capabilities, unlock investment opportunities, and streamline ESG goals according to stakeholders’ demands. As a result, the launch of IsoMetrix's integrated ESG management tool comes at an ideal moment for firms to align with sustainability frameworks, setting the stage for a further integration of ESG and sustainability issues into business operations, strategy, and long-term value creation.

Elisa Molero

Industry Analyst

Elisa Molero is an Industry Analyst in the Verdantix ESG & Sustainability practice. Her current research agenda focuses on emerging solutions and global market trends around supply chain sustainability. Her background is in Economics, Leadership and Governance (BSc, University of Navarra). Prior to joining Verdantix, Elisa worked as a research analyst at the Centre For Economic Performance at the London School of Economics, where she completed a Master’s degree in Global Politics, with Distinction.